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What ports are used by AFS?

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What ports are used by AFS?


AFS uses the following ports:

7000 fileserver
7001 cache manager callback service
7002 ptserver
7003 vlserver (vldb)
7004 kaserver
7005 volserver (volume management)
7007 bosserver
7008 upserver
7009 AFS/NFS Translator rmtsys remote pioctl
7020 AFS backup coordinator
7021 AFS backup buserver
7025-7032 AFS backup tape controllers
7101 xstat
2106 fs monitor port (read by venusmon)

Next available port pts, kas, fs, klog etc...

Ports 7000-7032 are dedicated for server communications, but the clients use the "next available" port. There are no dedicated AFS client UDP port numbers.

To enable AFS access, you need at minimum to open UDP ports 1024 and above. The AFS servers listen on well-defined endpoints (7000 and 7002-7009 for the basic services, 7020-7023 for the Backup System)

The AFS client-side Cache Manager works through port 7001. However, the remaining AFS utilities use the "next available port" so it's not possible to predict what port they'll use, except that it won't be one of the ones reserved in /etc/services. These utilities include klog (for getting authentication tokens) and all of the command suites (fs, pts, etc).

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