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System in "Unknown" Status After Restart



After installation of IBM Systems Director management server, the Director server's local agent is discovered as an Operating System (OS) MEP (Managed Endpoint). Once inventory is collected and the Director server is restarts, the OS MEP may show itself in an “Unknown" status.


APAR IC60721 has fixed this issue and will be available in Discovery Manager 6.1.1 targeted for release at the end of May 2009.

Once Discovery Manager 6.1.1 is available, you should download using IBM System Director's Update Manager or from Fix Central at the following URL:

After Discovery Manager 6.1.1 (and any pre-requisites) have been installed to the Systems Director management server, restart:

For Windows:
o net stop dirserver
o net start dirserver

For Linux:
o /opt/ibm/director/bin/smstop
o /opt/ibm/director/bin/smstart

When Director is back up and running, from a command line, run:
o smcli lsmeps (get the GUID of the MEP that is the Director Server's local operating system mep)
o smcli fixSystemGUID <GUID of Director Server's local OS MEP>

Example screenshot:

Screenshot of command prompt output per the instructions from the fix section of this document
    Stop and start the Director Management server again.

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