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Precompiler similar to Version 7 ported to DB2 for z/OS Version 8

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What's stopping you from migrating to DB2® for z/OS® Version 8? If it's the inability to precompile and compile very old COBOL and PLI programs, that problem is resolved.

Some COBOL and PL/I compilers are no longer supported by DB2 for z/OS Version 8, but were handled by the DB2 Version 7 precompiler.


A precompiler that is very similar to the DB2 for z/OS Version 7 precompiler is ported to DB2 for z/OS Version 8. The Version 7 precompiler options processing is changed to issue an error for the restrictions in language and other options. With this change, you can use a "V7 version of the precompiler" that allows you to precompile applications that have dependencies on those compilers. This precompiler is meant only to ease the transition from unsupported compilers to supported compilers and has a number of differences and restrictions.

  • The load module name is DSNHPC7.
  • The HOST parameter for host language only permits COBOL, COB2, PLI
  • The following precompiler options and invocation are not permitted:
    1. coprocessor
    2. SQL procedure language
    3. schema processor
    4. FIPS flagging
  • This precompiler is available only for DB2 for z/OS Version 8. We expect not to have it in DB2 9. Migation to current compilers is needed, but you have a little more time.
  • This precompiler produces DB2 for z/OS Version 7 DBRMs, and does not support any capability that is new to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 or DB2 9 for z/OS.
No program preparation help, including JCL, CLIST or DB2I support, is provided for this precompiler. You can take existing JCL from Version 8 and change the program name to PGM=DSNHPC7. If you use Version 7 JCL, you must change SDSNEXIT and SDSNLOAD to the Version 8 libraries. This precompiler can use either the DB2 Version 7 or the DB2 Version 8 level of DSNHDECP.

Support statement:
This module is part of DB2 for z/OS Version 8, with the same terms and conditions as the rest of that product. It is in service while DB2 Version 8 is in service. Language support is not affected by this change. If a supported host language compiler currently works with the Version 7 precompiler, it should work with this precompiler module. Although no warranty is expressed or implied, limited testing was performed with the following compilers (with associated end of service or EOS dates).
* OS/VS COBOL V1.2.4 EOS 6/1994
* OS PL/I 1.5 EOS 12/1995 (PL/I Opt. V1.5.1)
* VS/COBOL II V1R4 EOS 3/2001
* OS PL/I 2.3 EOS 12/2003

If your source code works with the DB2 for z/OS Version 8 precompiler, you should use the newer precompiler. Using the current precompiler provides better support and reduces the total work effort. This module is provided in DB2 for z/OS Version 8 only to allow customers to move more quickly to DB2 for z/OS Version 8 before moving all applications to current compilers. Migration to current compilers can be delayed, but not avoided by this technique. Customers meed to move to current compilers while running DB2 Version 8.

This precompiler does not support any SQL other than that of DB2 for z/OS Version 7. In particular, none of the new changes for DB2 for z/OS Version 8 or DB2 9 for z/OS is included. SQL processed by this module is not completely compatible with the later versions. See the Installation Guide sections on incompatible changes for more information on this subject. See the book sections in chapter 8 titled:
Changes to DB2 that might impact your migration to Version 9.1 compatibility mode
Application and SQL release incompatibilities
Utility release incompatibilities
Command release incompatibilities
Storage release incompatibilities
Other release incompatibilities
Functions that are no longer supported
Functions that are deprecated

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