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Tivoli Field Guide - Performance of GPFS/HSM - Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Managment: Part 1: Automigration

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The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management client for UNIX and Linux (the HSM client) migrates files from local file systems to distributed storage and can then recall the files either automatically or selectively. Migrating files to storage frees space for new data on local file systems and takes advantage of lower-cost storage resources that are available in the network environment.

This paper is arranged in four sections:
· Section 1 gives a brief overview of the purpose, content, and structure of this paper.
· Section 2 discusses the HSM performance.
· Section 3 discusses the GPFS storage management and performance.
· Section 4 compares the two storage managements and concludes.

A second paper will be prepared in the near future to accompany this paper.


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