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If you experience difficulty when contacting IBM Software Support, or if you do not know your IBM Customer Number (ICN), please contact your IBM Sales Representative.


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  • Proventia Management SiteProtector
  • IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware®
  • Proventia Network Multi-Function Security
  • Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner
  • Proventia Server for Linux

Important: The Product Download Center (DLC) is migrating to the Flexera License Key and Download Center to provide better service to IBM customers. Some customers will need to make configuration changes to firewalls and proxies prior to using the new DLC. Please review the Technotes below for detailed information:
Technote 1625720
Technote 1437057
IBM Security product documentation and online training can be accessed by clicking on the specific link below:
Security Systems Product Documentation

Security Systems Education Assistant

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Product licensing resources
IBM Security Systems Licensing Center
The majority of IBM Security System's Threat products utilize Flexera Software's License Key Center (LKC) for product licensing. The LKC can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink above or via

For legacy products Internet Scanner and Multifunction MX FW 3.x, you should continue to access the License Registration Center ( to download WOS license keys.
Licensing Issues?
In an effort to provide customers with prompt and dependable assistance with product license issues, a licensing support team was established. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for solutions to the most common licensing issues.
IBM Security Appliance Support and Service Product lifecycle information
What type of support and / or service is available for IBM Security Network Protection, SiteProtector and Access Manager for Web appliances? (also known as Advance Hardware Exchange or RMA)?

IBM Security Appliance Machine Exchange Service

Special offerings are available for Network Protection Appliances in Japan. For more information, please consult this web page:
Security Systems Lifecycle Policy

Security Systems Lifecycle Dates
IBM Support Resources
Visit the IBM Support Portal -

If you are new to the IBM Support Portal, please visit the IBM Electronic Support channel on YouTube to learn about the IBM Electronic Support portfolio.

Contacting IBM Software Support
Submit problems or questions online with IBM Service Request (SR) - IBM Service Request

New to Service Request (SR)? Watch this brief instructional video -

SR online is the preferred and most efficient method to request service or support for your IBM Security Systems Threat or Network Protection software and appliances. SR allows you to submit all of the pertinent information about your problem, including logs or other files, in a quick and efficient manner. This should save you time and may also improve problem resolution time.

You can also use your mobile device to submit / update / review your Service Requests and PMRs. For more information, see Using IBM Service Request on your mobile device.

Telephone / voice access - visit the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts to find the number for your location. When contacting IBM Support by telephone, always choose the option for Software Support. You will be required to provide your IBM Customer Number (ICN) and company name to ensure you receive the level of support and / or service to which you are entitled. As a reminder, service and support for your IBM Security Threat Protection software and appliances is provided by IBM Software Support.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Security IBM RealSecure Server Sensor for AIX
Security IBM RealSecure Server Sensor for HP-UX
Security IBM RealSecure Server Sensor for Solaris
Security IBM RealSecure Server Sensor for Windows
Security IBM Security Access Manager for Web
Security IBM Security Host Protection
Security IBM Security Network Active Bypass
Security IBM Security Network Controller
Security IBM Security Network Protection
Security IBM Security SiteProtector System
Security IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware
Security Internet Scanner Software
Security Proventia Desktop Endpoint Security
Security Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner
Security Proventia Network Multi-Function Security
Security Proventia Network Security Controller
Security Proventia Virtualized Network Security Platform

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