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Frequently Asked Questions about Ultra-light Mode and the iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lotus® iNotes™ and the Apple iPhone.


Ultra-light Mode and the iPhone FAQ

What is Ultra-light Mode?
Ultra-light Mode is the new HTML only accessibility compatible web mail client within the iNotes Product family (formerly Domino® Web Access in earlier versions). It joins Full and Lite mode as individual products. The Ultra-light Mode product is supported on the Apple iPhone.

What version of Domino supports Ultra-light Mode?
Ultra-light Mode is available for the iPhone client starting in Domino Server 8.0.2.

Does Ultra-light Mode run as a native application on the iPhone?
No, Ultra-light Mode on the iPhone is a web application. It runs through the iPhone’s native browser, Safari. This means that there is no offline support or the ability to synchronize data to the device itself.

Can you save your username and password on Ultra-light Mode?
With the iNotes Redirect Application, you can save your user name when logging into Lotus iNotes ultra-light mode. And now with iPhone firmware 3.0.x, you can save your password as well with the setting in the device Safari browser.

What can you view from the Ultra-light Mode?
All Docs
Day at a Glance

Is there any information currently available on a native iPhone application for Lotus Notes?
At this stage, there is no information available.

Can the Day-At-A-Glance view be setup to show a week instead?
No. Day-At-A-Glance only provides information for one day.

What iPhone versions are supported with Ultra-light Mode?
All iPhone versions are supported with Ultra-light Mode.

Where can I find additional information and screenshots?
For additional information, refer to "Lotus Domino eMail on your Apple iPhone".

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Messaging Applications Lotus Domino Web Access Linux, Windows 8.0.2

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