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Error: 'You are attempting to upgrade a multi-user installation' when upgrading to a single-user install

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During the upgrade of a single-user installation of Lotus Notes®, the following error message occurs:

    "You are attempting to upgrade a multi-user installation. Please obtain the correct installation package to complete the upgrade."


There are two different CDs with two different client installs. One CD contains only the Notes client which can be installed as multi-user or single user. The other CD that can only be a single user install contains Notes, Lotus Domino® Designer and Domino Administrator.

This error occurs because there an existing Notes client that was a multi-user install and the upgrade is for a single user all-client install. A multi-user install can never be upgraded to a single user.

The recommended workaround is to completely uninstall the existing multi-user Notes application, reinstall Notes as a single user, and then do the upgrade.

In one case, on the Microsoft Windows platform, the Windows Registry indicated a multi-user environment. A value of zero (0) indicates a single-user install, and a value of 1 indicates a multi-user install. Changing the value of the HKey_Local_Machine/Software/Lotus/Notes/MultiUser key from 1 to 0 allowed the upgrade to complete without error and the installation appeared to function normally.

In another case when trying to upgrade on a terminal server, renaming the Registry settings for this folder from 7.0 to "7.0_old" solved the uninstall issue.

NOTE: The information in this document is presented as a guideline for making changes within the Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is central to the operation of Windows, and any changes must be performed with care. As with any configuration change, it is highly recommended that customers have complete backups of computer systems and data files before attempting the following procedure, in order to facilitate recovery from system file corruption or other possible failures. IBM does NOT recommend that customers make changes to the Windows Registry without the assistance of Microsoft Technical Support. Further, customers who manually modify the Windows Registry may not be eligible for Microsoft Technical Support until Windows is reinstalled. Customers making changes to the Windows Registry do so at their own risk.

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