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Extended Code Pages (ECPs) are available as zip files from this download page.

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Extended Code Pages (ECPs) are code pages that include multiple encodings within a single code page. Traditional code pages include EBCDIC or ASCII encoding only, but ECPs contain EBCDIC or ASCII encodings along with the Unicode equivalent value. Each code point can be mapped to one or more Unicode values.

Code pages that contain user-defined characters (that is, those characters that have not been registered with IBM and assigned a GCGID value) can now be mapped to TrueType/OpenType fonts.

These zip files are provided: (ECPs for General library) (ECPs for Simplified Chinese library) (ECPs for Traditional Chinese library) (ECPs for Japanese library) (ECPs for Korean library)

For more information about ECPs, see these sources:

For information about how to generate or modify ECPs, see the help for the
InfoPrint AFP Resource Installer.

For information about how ECPs work, see font information in the InfoPrint
Manager and InfoPrint ProcessDirector publications, which are available in
the InfoPrint Information Center.

To see a grid for each code page, visit the InfoPrint Information Center
and click Fonts in the left navigation panel:


InfoPrint Manager for AIX Versions 4 Release 3, InfoPrint Manager for Windows Version 2 Release 3, InfoPrint ProcessDirector for AIX Version 1 Release 3, or InfoPrint ProcessDirector for Linux Version 1 Release 3

Download package

Instructions for downloading an extended code page zip package:

1. Download the desired extended code page zip package by left-clicking on the FTP link.
2. To save the zip package on your computer:
a. Go to File and click Save As...
b. Select the directory you want to use and click Save.
3. Unpack the zip package to extract the extended code pages from the zip file.
4. Save the desired extended code pages into the appropriate resource library.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
General Library ECPs 5/29/2009 US English 347506 FTP
Simplified Chinese ECPs 5/29/2009 US English 533947 FTP
Traditional Chinese ECPs 5/29/2009 US English 241397 FTP
Japanese ECPs 5/29/2009 US English 751156 FTP
Korean ECPs 5/29/2009 US English 390627 FTP

Document information

More support for: AFP Outline Fonts

Software version: 1.0

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: Standard

Reference #: P4000878

Modified date: 06 April 2010