Application fails when 'America/Chicago' time zone is used in settings.xml file

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In IBM® Workplace™ Collaborative Learning 2.7, the default preference value of "America/New_York" in the settings.xml "time zone" field works. The value of the timezone="CST" field also works. However, when the settings.xml timezone field is set to "America/Chicago", the Learning application fails.

The following types of failure occur:

-- The following error message displays when trying to access Learning Management portlets such as the Offerings Catalog, Manage Resources, and Manage Reports:

    "The application is currently not functioning."
-- Learning Management portlets such as Skills Management, Career Development, and Enrollments and Invitations see nothing but a blank screen and the title.

-- Various error messages display in the My Learning portlets such as the following in the My Schedule portlet:
    "???WSWS3422E: Error: Cannot instantiate"


An array of time zones is hard-coded into the Learning application. This array is used to validate the time zone entry in the settings.xml file. "CST" is present in this array but "America/Chicago" is not. As a result, "America/Chicago" is not considered a valid time zone entry.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# MBAM7B4SCB and is expected to be fixed in a future Workplace Learning release ( Until then, the recommended workaround is to use the value, "CST", instead of "America/Chicago".

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