New features in IBM Support Assistant 4.1



What is new in the IBM Support Assistant version 4.1?


The IBM Support Assistant V4.1 comes with several new serviceability features and improvements to existing features. Download IBM Support Assistant V4.1 and take advantage of these features, including:

  • RPM installer for the IBM Support Assistant Workbench on Linux - The IBM Support Assistant Workbench for Linux now uses a RPM installer, which is one of the most commonly used standards for Linux installers and makes administration easier

  • Simplified Launchpad based installer for Agent and Agent Manager - You can now take advantage of a simplified Launchpad installer which makes getting set up with the IBM Support Assistant Agent and Agent Manager easier due to clearer instructions and less steps.

  • Ability to specify the location of user data at time of install - When installing the IBM Support Assistant Workbench, you can now control the location where tools and product add-ons are stored.

  • Improved proxy support - You can now use browser settings for proxy in addition to the manual proxy configuration to enhance compatibility with enterprise security.

  • Migration wizard to preserve ISA 3.x/4.0.x product tool add-on and proxy settings to 4.1 - Workbench users (v3.0 or v4.0.x) can easily migrate their product and tool add-ons into the new 4.1 installation. Proxy connection settings from previous versions of IBM Support Assistant are also migrated.

  • Intuitive navigation for various data collection options - The new Collect Data page helps users to intuitively navigate through the various data collection options. The portable collector has been renamed IBM Support Assistant Lite and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode is now available in addition to the console mode. You can also view documentation for selected data collectors from the Workbench Help.

  • Secure file transfer (HTTPS) of collected data to IBM - Collected data can now be transferred to IBM using a secure file transfer (HTTPS). This is provided in addition to the FTP transfer and it is available for all the collection environments (Workbench, IBM Support Assistant Lite and Agent).

  • A comprehensive data collection viewer to review and analyze collected data - You can now view and analyze the contents of the collected data from the Case Manager in the IBM Support Assistant Workbench. The archive viewer allows you to examine the contents of a specific artifact and filter the contents of the data collection archive. Filters availability varies from product to product

  • Access to IBM’s Service Request and IBMLink/ServiceLink from within the Workbench - This makes it more convenient to open service requests for a larger number of IBM products directly from your serviceability Workbench.

  • Usage gathering metrics that records what views, editors, perspectives, and commands are used - The usage gathering metrics works in background to collect information about how IBM Support Assistant is being used. It has minimal impact on the user experience and performance. This helps us better understand how the application is used and redirect our focus to areas that are most beneficial.

  • Improved support - Automated data collection is now available for IBM Support Assistant related issues. This is available for both the IBM Support Assistant Workbench and Agents.

All these new features are provided in addition to the functionality provided in IBM Support Assistant V4.

Note: Following the installation and configuration of IBM Support Assistant 4.1, you will be asked to upgrade to version 4.1.5. Version 4.1.5 contains security fixes required by IBM and a fix to the customer feedback. Proceed to upgrade to version 4.1.5.

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