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Rational RequisitePro (Version 7.0.1 Fix Pack 10)

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This document provides information about IBM® Rational® RequisitePro®, version (Fix Pack 10 for 7.0.1). It includes links to downloadable files.

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This Fix Pack for Rational RequisitePro includes all interim fixes and fix packs subsequent to version 7.0.1. This fix pack is an upgrade for version 7.0.1 or version Fix packs and other maintenance releases are available at IBM Rational Support on the Web (

Fixes in this fix pack

This fix pack includes fixes from previous 7.0.1 interim fixes and fix packs. For a list of fixes in this fix pack and previous releases, see Fixes in Rational RequisitePro version 7.0 fix packs.

To review details, search for the Authorized Problem Analysis Report (APAR) number (ICxxxx or PKxxxx) at the IBM Rational RequisitePro Support Web site ( Paste the APAR number in the "Enter search terms" field.


To upgrade to Rational RequisitePro version, an installation of one of the following versions is required: 7.0.1 or a 7.0.1 fix pack prior to

For system requirements for version 7.0 releases, see the following technote:

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT UPGRADE INFORMATION: Please read the following
document prior to upgrading version 7.0.0 of IBM® Rational® ClearCase®, ClearQuest®, RequisitePro®, ProjectConsole™ and SoDA® to version

The download package table below contains the following downloads:

1 - Readme text file that includes release information and installation notes.
2 - Full product fix pack for English only.
3 - Full product fix pack for Japanese only.
4 - Full product fix pack for both English and Japanese.

Downloads 2-4 include both the client and Web server fix pack. You can select the client only or both the client and the Web server components during the installation.

For instructions on applying a fix pack or interim fix to Rational products, please see technote #1242322, available at

When installing from a release area that was created from CD media or ISO, only single languages are supported. For more information, please see technote #1239528, available at

For details on installing Rational software, see the IBM Rational RequisitePro Installation and Upgrade Guide, 7.0.1, which is available at the IBM Publications Center and is installed with Rational RequisitePro by default in the following location: C:\Program Files\Rational\RequisitePro\doc\books\rp_install.pdf.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options 8/18/2010 English 3487 FTP 8/18/2010 English 235542528 FTP 8/18/2010 Japanese 235542528 FTP 8/18/2010 English 471086885 FTP

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