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What is the support policy for IBM® Rational® ClearCase® VOBs and views stored on Microsoft® Windows® shares that are created from mount points (also known as junction points)?


A new feature in Windows® 2000 and later allows the creation of mount points on the workstation to other local partitions or local drives.

Mount points are persistent directories that point to disk volumes; in Windows, they always resolve to the root directory of the desired volume. Because mount points don't require that you associate each disk volume with a drive letter, they overcome Windows' drive-letter limitation (only 26 drives—A through Z) for disk drives.

If a shared directory is created in a mount point and used for ClearCase view storage, several problems result when attempting to work in a VOB. This technote provides a list of the known problems.

Rational has not qualified the compatibility of ClearCase with the use of mount points on Windows as a share for View or VOB storage; thus it is not supported.

The following is a list of errors that occurs if shares for ClearCase storage are used which are created from mount points on Windows.

  • Attempting to check in a file that was previously checked out from within a view created under a mount point returns with:

    Error checking in "O:\vobname\folder\checkedoutfile"
    Unable to access "O:\vobname\folder\checkedoutfile" file does not exist.

  • Creation of a new folder in a mount point returns with a Windows error:

    You may be unable to access files created in "O:\vobname\newfolder" would you like to continue?

    Note: Clicking Yes or No results in directory creation. If the directory is added to source control ClearCase creates a second folder with a .mkelem extension which appears as a view-private directory.

  • Attempting to create a new file under the newly created folder returns another Windows error:

    "Unable to create the file 'New Text Document'
    The system cannot find the file specified"

    Note: Refreshing Windows Explorer causes the file New Text Document.txt to appear.

  • Attempting to add this file to source control results in the following errors:

    Error adding the file 'O:\vobname\newfolder\New Text Document.txt' to source control
    "Created element "New Text Document.txt"
    INTERNAL ERROR detected and logged with the NT Event Service/
    See the Event Viewer for the error message.
    Internal Error detected in ".\../map_cache.c" line 1722
    Invalid input arguments to "map_obj_oid_to_dbid".
    Unable to checkout "O"\vobname\newfolder\New Text Document.txt

    Note: The Windows Event Viewer shows no errors at this time. It appears that adding the file to source has failed, however if you attempt to add it a second time, the following error occurs:

    Error adding the file 'O:\vobname\newfolder\New Text Document.txt' to source control
    Unable to create element "O:\vobname\newfolder\New Text Document.txt"
    The element "New Text Document.txt already exists.

    Note: Opening a command prompt and issuing a cleartool ls from the bad view shows the following output:

    O:\vobname\newfolder>cleartool ls
    New Text Document.txt
    New Text Document.txt@@ [eclipsed]

  • When working in a known good view (created in a normal network share), change into the directory created in the bad view "new folder" and create a new file (for example alpha.txt). You can add this file to source control successfully.

    Note: Switching back to the bad view and trying to checkout alpha.txt returns with:

    Error checking out 'O:\vobname\newfolder\alpha.txt'
    Checked out version but could not copy data 'O:\vobname\newfolder\alpha.txt' to view: No such file or directory
    Correct the condition, then uncheckout and re-checkout the element.
    Unable to check out 'O:\vobname\newfolder\alpha.txt'

    Note: After all these errors alpha.txt is in fact checkedout and cannot be checked in again returning with:

    Error checking in 'O:\vobname\newfolder\alpha.txt'
    unable to access 'O:\vobname\newfolder\alpha.txt'" No such file or directory.

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