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Editing Contacts or Locations in Notes 8 returns error 'File does not exist' and or a blank dialog

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In Notes 8 client (Standard Configuration), when you attempt to display or edit a location setting using the Preferences menu, Manage Locations menu, or the Edit Locations selection in the status bar, the dialog appears blank and or returns the error:

    "File does not exist"

The same error also occurs when attempting to access contacts via the preferences: File > Preferences > Contacts.

Note: In some cases you will not receive the error, but may observe that a new Person document is displayed in the dialog.


The error "File does not exist" and blank dialog will occur in cases where the Personal Address Book is not named Names.nsf and/or is not located in the \Data directory. In earlier releases the file's name and location did not need to be specific, and the information was only dependent on the Preferences setting within the Mail section, which is used to populate the Names setting in the Notes.ini.

The case where a Person document is displayed is unrelated. It will occur in cases where the Personal Address Book design is using a Notes/Domino template design from an earlier release.


The fact that the Notes 8 client does not determine the name and location of the Personal Address Book from the Names setting in the notes.ini has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# MGAN78QTL5.

- Confirm the address book file name is "names.nsf" and that it appears first in this line in the notes.ini file:


- If there may be secondary address books make sure names is first. For example:
    NAMES=names.nsf, dircat.nsf

- To resolve the issue that occurs because the Personal Address Book design is not up to date, open the database, and then from the menu select: File > Application > Refresh Design > Local.

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