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How to Enable "Show Details" by default for one or more users

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When you open existing mail messages in the Lotus Notes 8.x/9.x client, certain information is hidden unless you click the Show Details link. For example, if the list of recipients is large, not all recipients display.

Is there a way to show this information by default so that you don't have to click Show Details every time you open a message?

Resolving the problem

This has been addressed in the 8.5.2 mail template, and is also settable with a policy if your public address book is 8.5.2 or higher. It is also recommended to have a client version that is at least as high as your mail template.

As long as users have an 8.5.2 or above mail template, you can set this setting through a policy. The setting is stored within a Mail Settings document, shown below:

To turn this preference on manually in your own mail file, go to More -> Preferences -> Mail and select "Always Show Details in Received Mail Messages"

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