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Changes to the Rendering of HTML mail in Notes 8

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What changes have been made to the rendering of HTML e-mails in Lotus Notes 8 client?


By default HTML-formatted mail messages, such as newsletters, are rendered using the client operating system's default browser in the Notes 8 client.
The table below lists each supported operating system (OS) and the browser used to render HTML mail on that platform:

Client Operating System Browser used to render HTML mail
Windows (Basic and Standard configurations) Microsoft Internet Explorer
Linux (Standard configuration only) Mozilla
Macintosh (Standard configuration only) Safari

By using the System Browser, the rendering of HTML-formatted e-mails is improved over previous versions. If desired, users can disable this new functionality through a User Preference: "Disable embedded browser for MIME mail".

This setting can be found on the "Basic Notes Client Configuration" tab of the Notes Client User Preferences, in the Additional options section:

Disabling this feature adds a parameter to the user's notes.ini file: BrowserRenderDisable=1. Administrators can use the notes.ini parameter to manage the browser configuration for users through a desktop policy.

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Software version: 8.0, 8.5

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows, iOS

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Modified date: 15 June 2011