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What is the 'IBM Spreadsheet' format .SXC in Lotus Spreadsheets productivity

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While creating and saving a document using the Lotus® Spreadsheets productivity tool, you notice the option to save as "IBM® Spreadsheet" format which carries the file extension of .sxc. What is the purpose of this .sxc file format?


The "IBM Spreadsheet" format that carries the file extension of .sxc represents the Open Document Format 1.x and is included for backwards compatibility.
The more recent version 2.x OpenDocument Spreadsheet format, uses the new file extension of .ods. By default, Lotus Spreadsheets saves documents using the Open Document Format version 2.x format (ODS).

To minimize confusion, a feature request has been created to change the label of "IBM Spreadsheet" format to a name that is more descriptive, indicating that .sxc represents Open Document Format version 1.x. This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# BLAS6X7N53, and the possibility of a fix is being evaluated for a future release.

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Modified date: 22 August 2007