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Several items not available on Notes 8 client status bar; not able to customize status bar

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In the Lotus Notes 8 client, standard Notes status bar items such as the Quickpick mail feature and font size are no longer located on the Notes 8 status bar as they are in previous Notes releases.

Upon further investigation you realize there is no way to customize the features displayed on the status bar, as you had done in prior Notes clients releases; there is no File > Preferences > Status Bar Preferences menu choice.


Quality Engineering is aware of this behavior (SPR# JPAI6Z8JGG ); it is due to Java-based Eclipse platform, which the Notes 8 (Standard Configuration) is based on. There are no current plans to change this.

The items seen on the Notes 8 status bar are:

  • Whether Lotus Notes is accessing the network (a lightning bolt appears).
  • A history of all messages for the session.
  • Your level of access to the current application and your membership in groups and roles (click the key icon).
  • Whether an open mail message has been encrypted and/or digitally signed by the sender.
  • Your current location and switch to another location.
  • The progress of tasks that Lotus Notes performs in the background (for example, saving attachments or replicating applications).

The items not available for display on the Notes 8 status bar are:
  • The font (typeface), size, or paragraph style of selected text when you are editing a document.
  • Your online status for instant messaging; perform other instant messaging actions
  • The language tag name for the current or selected text in a document.
  • A Quickpick menu you can use to perform common mail tasks such as creating a message or scanning for unread mail by clicking the mailbox icon.

Supporting information:

An alternative to using Notes 8 (Standard Configuration) is the Notes 8 (Basic Configuration); the latter uses the same status bar that Notes 6 and 7 use, as it does not utilize the Eclipse platform but rather the same platform that Notes 6/7 use, the C-based platform.

Please note: The Notes 8 (Basic Configuration) does not contain many of the new features available in the Notes 8 (Standard Configuration).

For more information please refer to the technote, "What's new in Lotus Notes 8 client?" (# 1264877).


status bar in Notes 8 (Standard Configuration):

default status bar in Notes 8 (Basic Configuration) and Notes 7.x:

Example: The QuickPick mail feature, located at the bottom right of the status bar in Notes 7.x and prior clients as well as the Notes 8 (Basic Configuration), does not exist in Notes 8 (Standard Configuration).
Figure-1: The QuickPick mail feature in prior Notes clients and Notes 8 (Basic Configuration) .

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Software version: 8.0

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Reference #: 1267968

Modified date: 02 May 2011