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Users with Designer access cannot use Out of Office without 'Create LotusScript/Java agents' flag

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The Lotus Notes/Domino 8 mail file's Out of Office agent will generate assert failures for users who have Designer access to their mail files, but do not have the 'Create LotusScript/Java agents' flag set in the mail file's Access Control List (ACL). Designers must have this flag set in order to be able to enable and disable the Out of Office agent. The following error appears:

    "You cannot enable your out-of-office notification because your mailbox has exceeded its quota.  Choose Tools > Quota Information for quota details and tips on decreasing your mailbox size."

You verified that you do not have a quota set on the database.

When users are registered (through the Domino Administrator) with Designer access to their mail files, this flag is set automatically, so this will not be a problem for anyone whose mail file access is unchanged since new-user registration.

However, if an Admin manually changes a user's mail file ACL, and grants the user Designer access, the 'Create LotusScript/Java agents' flag is disabled by default. In this case, the Admin will need to enable this flag, in order for the user to be able to run the Out of Office agent.

Note that this is not a problem on servers where Out of Office is configured to run as a Service (set in the Server Configuration document, which is a new feature starting in Domino 8.0); the problem occurs only when Out of Office runs as an agent.

Resolving the problem

Users with Designer access to their mail files must have the 'Create LotusScript/Java agents' access flag, in order to be able to use the Out of Office agent.

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