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Does Lotus Notes provide auto-complete functionality for mail addressing?

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In some email applications, when you begin to type an email address to which mail has previously been addressed, it will auto-complete the address. Is similar functionality available in Lotus Notes?


Yes. The functionality described above was introduced in the Notes 8 client, and is referred to as Recent Contacts.

In Notes 8, a view is created in the Personal Address Book (names.nsf) which stores up to 2000 contacts to which mail has been addressed. When you address a memo, the client will automatically provide entries from this view which correspond to the text being entered.

Note that this feature is different from recipient name lookup and recipient name type-ahead in that it will work for mail addresses that are not included in any address book, but to which mail has previously been sent.

Notes 8 Help topic -- "Viewing recent contacts'
To view the contacts you have had contact with most recently, from your Contacts, click Recent Contacts in the navigation pane. The names in this view change so that the list reflects your recent activity, such as e-mail or chats. From this view you can schedule a meeting, chat with, or send a message to one or more of your recent contacts. Note, however, that the names in this view are not stored in your Contacts file. To store them permanently in your Contacts, create a contact entry.

To make sure that the list of recent contacts has the most up-to-date information, use the Replication page to synchronize your recent contacts with your company's directory.

Note Synchronizing Contacts in this way does not replicate the entire Contacts file (usually names.nsf). Only the information about the contacts shown in the Recent Contacts view is updated.

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