Screen Does Not Refresh When Moving a Frame in a Word Processing Document

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You are accessing the Documents editor and find that the screen does not refresh when moving a frame that contains a frame within it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Create > Frame > Options > Text Direction > Right to Left (Vertical), and then click OK.
  2. Click elsewhere on the page, away from the frame.
  3. Click back inside the frame until you see a blinking cursor in the frame (you may need to make the frame larger before you are able to click inside it successfully).
  4. Select Create > Frame again, and then click OK. This creates a frame inside a frame.
  5. Drag the second frame outside of the first frame.
  6. Move the first frame (with the second frame attached) to a different location in the document. You will now see parts of the frame remaining in its original location.


This issue has been reported to Lotus software Quality Engineering and the possibility of a fix is being evaluated for a future release.

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