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This page describes the free software tools that are available to help IBM® InfoSphere® Data Replication customers with configuration, monitoring, and problem determination.


IBM InfoSphere Data Replication Dashboard

This tool provides web-based health monitoring of Q replication and event publishing. The customizable rich Web interface includes live graphs of throughput and latency, a health summary that helps you quickly identify and troubleshoot problems, and at-a-glance status information on programs, queues, Q subscriptions, and other objects. You can also perform operational tasks on replication objects and view historical data.

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WebSphere® MQ Script Generator

This tool provides dynamic graphical checklists that you can use to set up WebSphere MQ objects such as queue managers, queues, and channels for Q replication or event publishing. The checklists show required WebSphere MQ objects and relationships. You can type object names in the fields and automatically generate MQSC setup scripts to run at each server, along with a customized procedure for running the scripts.

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Information Management InfoSphere Data Event Publisher
Information Management InfoSphere Data Event Publisher for z/OS

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