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Micro Environment Toolkit for WebSphere Studio

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 Software development teams are always creating new and compelling applications to keep their customers informed, entertained and productive.  The Micro Environment Toolkit for WebSphere Studio enables software developers to extend their Java applications to run on pervasive devices -- from desktops, to laptops, to tablet PCs, to PDAs, to smartphones, to other devices.

 The Micro Environment Toolkit facilitates the building, testing, and deployment of server managed client software to devices that run the IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition platform.  Together, these technologies enable device applications to interact with applications, services and data provided by service providers or the enterprise for a complete end-to-end solution.  Applications can continue to operate whether the device is connected, disconnected, or occasionally disconnected from the network, so mobile end-users can be productive whether their devices are online or offline.

 The Micro Environment Toolkit is powered by Eclipse technology and easily extends the WebSphere Studio Device Developer integrated development environment (IDE) to enable the development and deployment of embedded Java applications for pervasive devices.

Enterprise extensions leverage the enterprise developer community by utilizing the same Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) programming model for application development.
 Support for embedded servlets and embedded Java Server Pages enable local device browsers to render content without the need for server connectivity.  Therefore, end-users can continue to work even when their "connected" devices are offline.
 Support for Web Services conveniently provides end-users with access to news, weather, sports and financial information from their device.
 Support for Web Services also enables an application on a device to provide information to other end-users and applications in the network.

 Support for the OSGi programming model enables the device developer community to create applications and services that run on IBM’s implementation of the OSGi Service Platform specification: IBM Service Management Framework (SMF).  SMF enables simultaneous execution of multiple applications and services on a single Java virtual machine instance and supports lifecycle management of applications and services.

 Extensions to the MIDP programming model enable the device developer community to create MIDP applications that access enterprise data and Web Services.

 Program examples assist developers in writing applications that use the services provided by the IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition platform.

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