Version to Version Comparison and Enhancements in IBM Operational Decision Manager v8.0

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Key Feature WebSphere ILOG JRules 7.1 WebSphere ODM 7.5 IBM ODM 8.0
Social media style collaboration     Yes
Intuitive and easy to use interface dedicated to business users     Yes
Graphical display of timeline for rule history visualization and navigation     Yes
Automatic change and update notification     Yes
Any time project snapshot for business users     Yes
Advanced search in rule projects     Yes
What's new section to view all changes since last log in     Yes
Use of very large data sets to perform advanced simulation     Yes
Activity stream to log team actitivites at various group levels     Yes
Emit action to create a business event instance from a business rule     Yes
Invoke action to execute business rules from an event rule     Yes
Support of WAS 8.0     Yes
Business event support in addition to business rules   Yes Yes
Business event support in the Decision Center Console
Yes Yes
Buisness event supoport in Eclipse   Yes Yes
Decision Center support in Business Space   Yes Yes
Multiple release management in the Decision Center Console and Business Space   Yes Yes
Common business language to capture rules and events   Yes Yes
Event execution support in the Decision Server   Yes Yes
Support of java object domain in the Transparent Decision Services   Yes Yes
Portfolio simplification providing the product in just 2 main components   Yes Yes
Intelligent Rule editor providing automatic text completions Yes Yes Yes
Quick edit feature allowing users to edit rules and DT from MS Office from the Decision Center Console Yes Yes Yes
Side-by-side testing and simulation for what-if analysis Yes Yes Yes
Selective push synchronization improving synchronization performance in large scale projects Yes Yes Yes
Ruleset caching configuration to improve execution performance Yes Yes Yes