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With a few clicks, you can get the latest versions and releases of IBM WebSphere® software and provide your IT staff with convenient access to both telephone and Web-based technical support.

Software Subscription and Support saves you time

Get unlimited voice and electronic access to IBM Software Support Centers worldwide where available. You’ll find speedy routes to answers to your implementation or diagnostic questions.

Get 24/7 emergency support for critical problems, so your business can be back up and running quickly if the unthinkable happens.

Software Subscription and Support saves you money

Only current subscribers are afforded upgrade protection and no cost access to new releases and technology enhancements. Why pay for the most up-to-date versions of the software you rely on every day when this benefit is already included in your S&S package?

And in the Support Portal you have access to no-charge education modules suitable for both new and veteran product users.

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Rick Bowers, VP AIM Support - Why Subscription and Support makes sense?

Rick Bowers. Vice president, AIM Technical support and customer service, IBM.

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