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Add Map Displays to your User Interface

Custom asset management maps for the desktop and Web

Many applications need a map display to visualize where their assets (trucks, factories, equipment, etc.) are located. In these displays, graphic symbols representing real world data are placed on the map background, and they may change their visible attributes or their position as the underlying data changes.

These applications typically do not require a full geographic information system (GIS), with its heavy data query and editing capability. Instead, a high-performance map display engine is often the ideal choice.

Why choose IBM?

IBM ILOG has over 20 years of experience in providing professional-grade map display components for the most demanding applications. Typical uses include real-time monitoring of equipment networks, transportations systems, and military scenarios. IBM map components are architected to deliver the highest possible level of interaction and display performance.

IBM Visualization products support map displays on a variety of platforms. In general, these products all support:


Additional platforms

In addition to the full-featured map services provided in the above products, the following products support a more limited set of map display functionality. If you are working on one of these platforms, please visit:

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