What is Business Rules Management?

Making better business decisions with automated business rules and events. Download white paper

Making better business decisions with automated business rules and events. Download white paper

Business Rules Management Overview

A business rule management system (BRMS) enables organizational policies – and the operational decisions associated with those policies – to be defined, deployed, monitored and maintained separately from core application code. By externalizing business rules and providing tools to manage them, a BRMS allows business experts to define and maintain the decisions that guide systems behavior, reducing the amount of time and effort required to update production systems, and increasing the organization’s ability to respond to changes in the business environment.

Where Business Rules are FoundWhere Business Rules are Found

BRMS solutions automate policies in custom and composite business applications. They lower application maintenance costs, facilitate more accurate and consistent business policy implementation across applications, and improve collaboration between your business and IT departments.


Is business rules management right for your organization?

If your organization is experiencing any of the following situations, you have an opportunity to benefit by implementing a BRMS.

1. Frequent changes to business systems that require immediate attention and response. Such changes might include:

2. Highly variable decisions that need to be automated in order to support your organization’s business model and product/service offerings. Such variability might include:

Why Use IBM Operational Decision Management?

Managers responsible for policy making in decision-rich enterprises have benefited enormously from information technology. But as the pace of change has increased, and the reach of automation has been extended, traditional software applications have been unable to deliver the flexibility and agility required by most businesses.

IBM Operational Decision Manager adds flexibility and performance to your business systems, whatever the challenge. This offering is the evolution of the market-leading WebSphere ILOG BRMS, and it includes the functionality to support business rule and business event definitions, deployment, maintenance and retirement, with specific environments for technical and non-technical users who participate in managing automated decisions.

IBM Operational Decision Manager treats rule-based decision logic as a corporate asset by enabling effective and efficient management of rules through their lifecycle.

Key benefits:

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