Quick Win Pilot for Business Process and
Decision Improvement

Deliver measurable business results in 10 weeks or less

Quick Win Pilot

Imagine being able to implement 20% of your business rules that cover 80% of your business transactions; allowing you to double the pass-through rate of all billing transactions in less than 10 weeks. One major transportation company in North America did just that by deploying the Quick Win Pilot (QWP). Results like these are typical of a QWP, whether your application is billing, claims processing, vendor onboarding, account opening, campaign management, order fulfillment, or another core operation.

Quick Win Pilot for Business Process and Decision Improvement

Click to play Watch this video (YouTube, 00:03:35) to get measurable business results in 10 weeks.

This short video provides an overview of the value of starting small, building safely but rapidly to address the business issues you have right now. It features actually Quick Win Pilot results from the financial services, insurance and transportation industries.

Our IBM Quick Win Pilot is a prescriptive approach to deliver a valuable quick win to the business and put you on the correct path for your Business Process Management (BPM) and Decision Management journey.


Within 10 weeks, you will establish the credibility to drive tangible business change using IBM software products and build the sponsorship required to support your continuous improvement roadmap. We work with your team to define an end-to-end process improvement solution using process management software, rules management software, or both. We then collaboratively scope a tangible subset (pilot) of the overall solution that can be delivered as the first step in our proven incremental value delivery approach. It will provide your team with a deployable business solution that has a high level of business acceptance.

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