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Your needs: How portals help address everyday business requirements

Perhaps you’re a manager who needs to on-board a new employee, a sales executive needing up-to-the-minute key performance indicators (KPIs) of your organization’s performance, or an employee or supplier needing to collaborate on a specific project… Wouldn’t it be nice if practically any need could be addressed through a consistent user interface that was also role-based and personalized?

IBM portals provide the ideal platform for addressing the needs of varied audiences with accelerators that simply ‘snap-on’ and extend the capabilities of your portal implementation as needed.

In addition, a wide range of IBM Business Partner solutions and IBM services are available to further address your needs.

IBM accelerators for WebSphere Portal

Accelerators for WebSphere Portal help deliver business value and faster time-to-value by addressing specific project needs.

IBM Business Partner Solutions and IBM service offerings

The IBM WebSphere Portal Business Solutions catalog is a web-based clearinghouse for thousands of WebSphere Portal-based solutions from IBM and hundreds of IBM Business Partners. The catalog provides an intuitive interface that allows users worldwide to search for solutions by type, industry, and category.

With services ranging from business value assessments to planning workshops and portal design and development, WebSphere Portal services from IBM Software Services for Collaboration are tailored to help ensure successful deployment within your environment.

IBM accelerators for WebSphere Portal demo

See how the IBM Content, IBM Collaboration and IBM Dashboard Accelerators for WebSphere Portal help a marketing strategist find relevant information, identify objectives, and work with others to meet business goals.

WebSphere Portal Business Solutions catalog flyer

Extend the value of your IBM WebSphere Portal implementation with the IBM WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog

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