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Your size: Portals benefiting practically any sized organization

Day in and day out, portals provide people around the world with personalized, role-based access to what they need, when and where they need it. And portals can benefit practically any organization, regardless of industry, solution requirements... Or size.

Portals designed for small and medium businesses or departmental use should provide the out-of-the box functionality and ease of installation smaller organizations require, while also providing a growth path that can scale to the needs of practically any sized enterprise.

Additionally, portals should support additional solutions that ‘snap on’ to address emerging business needs. They should be standards-based, helping ensure long-term interoperability and the preservation of existing IT investments.

The IBM advantage

An open platform: IBM portal software is designed to interoperate and utilize content from a variety of third-party systems, included various server platforms, database systems, and other third party applications. In addition, IBM portals support the latest open standards such as JSR-168, JSR-286, WSRP 1.0, WSRP 2.0 and more, helping ensure the long-term viability of your portal investment.

A single portal architecture with room to grow: Scalability means more than just being able to add more servers. The ability to start small, with only one or two servers and quick and easy installation, and then being able to grow to meet the dynamic needs of tens of thousands is just one of the many benefits of an IBM portal solution.

A portal sized just for you

WebSphere Portal Express is an easy to deploy solution that includes application integration, document management, web content management and collaboration capabilities in a single package designed for small and medium business.

WebSphere Portal Express can help your small and midsize business, or large department, easily deploy and customize Web sites, achieving faster time to value. As your needs for scale or scope increase, additional capability is available via the WebSphere Portal portfolio of products, building on the foundation of WebSphere Portal Express.

Try WebSphere Portal Express

Download a 60-day trial of WebSphere Portal Express at no charge. Get application integration, document management, web content management, and collaboration capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy solution.

Analyst report

IBM is in Gartner's Leaders Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. Gartner reports that IBM continues to provide a broad and versatile set of capabilities for customers.

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IBM is in Gartner's Leaders Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. Access the Gartner report.