Planning and Scheduling with Optimization Technology

Lines of business in complex organizations of all kinds need to use planning and scheduling in their operations more effectively than ever before, and to consider both strategic and tactical time-frames. They need to:

These kinds of applications involve common decision support functionality:

For some industries and some problems, pre-packaged analytical decision support applications are available. They don’t always offer enough flexibility to fit the particular needs of individual organizations, and still many industries and problems are not covered.

As a consequence, in many cases, companies would be better served with a custom solution which can be adapted to their unique business and process. However, certain issues are usually associated to building such custom solutions:

What is needed is a way to build these custom decision support solutions in a cost-effective, reliable and rapid way. For these situations, IBM offers tools and platforms for customizing and deploying corporate analytical decision support applications with optimization technology. IBM’s platform includes common planning and scheduling functionality out-of-the-box, but configurable for the uniqueness of every business organization and process through complete configuration and customization capabilities.

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