Advanced Analytics for a Smarter Planet test

IBM ILOG Optimization delivers analytical decision support capabilities through Advanced Analytics

How it Works: Analytics

Learn how IBM ILOG Optimization's advanced analytics technologies gives you the ability to efficiently quatify vast amounts of data in order to quickly develop strategies that keep you ahead of the competition.

How it Works: Analytics


IBM has identified $4 trillion globally in addressable inefficiencies. Operations Research, an engineering and management discipline dedicated to removing system inefficiencies, provides the decision support technologies to address them. And IBM has been a major contributor to this field since the 1960s, developing and commercializing many of the statistical and mathematical techniques of Advanced Analytics. IBM ILOG Optimization helps companies quickly determine how to most effectively use limited resources.

See Korsten, P. and Seider, C.,"The world’s US$4 trillion challenge: Using a system-of-systems approach to build a smarter planet", IBM Institute for Business Value, 2010.

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