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Charting a roadmap for retail success with BPM and decision management.Download white paperCharting a roadmap for retail success with BPM and decision management.Download white paper

Top challenges
Retailers are looking to integrate their business strategy, automate business processes, reduce infrastructure costs with flexible, scalable solutions that enable them to make intelligent decisions and better business outcomes. To remain competitive, retailers today need to:

Where WebSphere can help
We help retailers to optimize business processes across the organization, gain visibility into information for automated decision making, along with providing solutions and scalable infrastructure to support the changing needs of the business. WebSphere offers retailers software and solutions in many areas of the business including:

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Optimizing retail business processes with BPM
Understand how BPM can reduce cost and improve process efficiency to retail businesses.

Enabling dynamic pricing with decision management
Understand how WebSphere Operational Decision Management extend existing CRM and eCommerce solutions.

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