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The business value of legacy modernization

Legacy applications are a significant business problem for organizations due to their:

The average company spends 60-85 per cent of its IT budget maintaining legacy applications and infrastructure. Organizations are therefore under pressure to move to new technologies and architectures and thereby reduce costs. The solution: IT system modernization.

IT modernization reduces costs by optimizing business processes, automating manual processes and reducing the need to extend or modify applications through the use of SOA components. It also helps align IT infrastructure with the organization’s ever shifting business strategies.

Here are some examples of how our clients have transformed into agile enterprises with legacy IT system modernization.



First Citizens Bank reduces costs and increases availability of online banking services.

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Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa manages a major acquisition with smarter computing from IBM.

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NEDBANK achieves millions of dollars in savings and reduces risk with a single view of each customer.

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German insurer streamlines workflow, saves millions and improves service.

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Reliance Life builds agile self-service portal and achieves 100 per cent YOY growth.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Horizon Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of New Jersey uses IBM WebSphere business rules and process management tools to accelerate improvement in key processes.

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A regional Government improves reliability of the mainframe, flexibility and agility.

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New York Conference of Mayors enables sharing of services to foster efficiencies and effective services.

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