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Social Services Transformation: streamlined processes and optimized infrastructure for open governments

Improved citizen-centric services with inter-agency collaboration

Social Services – Social Security:  Citizen-centered agency collaboration,Download solution brief
Why Social Services and Social Security organizations are turning to SOA,Download report

Eligibility determination and benefits calculation

Government agencies automate critical operations such as eligibility determination, benefit calculation and claims processing to reduce errors and costs, while streamlining services to citizens. When a program or a regulation changes, all associated rules and processes can be immediately updated in all relevant applications.

Buyer’s eKit
Government: Is BRMS right for you? (PDF, 2.66MB): Find out if Business Rule Management System is the right technology for you. Learn more about BRMS, the type of applications deployed by government agencies and typical ROI.

Solution Brief
Solutions for e-Government: Accelerate policy implementation, automate key processes, extend legacy systems and reduce development time and risk.

Client Story
Streamlined compliance: Regional Government of Castilla y León simplifies adoption of new laws and regulations.

Fraud and improper payments reduction

Nearly every social services program suffers from fraud, waste and abuse. In order to reduce costs, governments must address root causes and take appropriate precautions. Real-time screening, compliance lapse detection, and automated alerts and responses are the first steps towards healthier social services.

White Paper
Building solutions for Smarter Governments: Six ways to increase responsiveness, service quality, accountability and taxpayer value

Client Story
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance: New York State saves $889 million by optimizing audit case selection

Collaboration for citizen-centric approach

Citizens expect to access their information and services through multiple channels and on demand. But can governments really build a consolidated view of the citizen across agencies and support 24/7 access? With connectivity solutions from IBM, they can actually do better: provide the right service to the right individual at the right time, improve service scope and quality, coordinate a variety of service offerings and reduce duplication and errors.

White Paper
Perpetual collaboration in Government: How BPM and SOA are the technological answers to the collaboration challenge.

Client Story
Caseworker management and decision making: Denmark’s third largest city improves quality of service to its citizens while meeting budget challenges.

SOA for social services and social security: From possibility to actuality. A deep dive into why social services and social security organizations are turning to SOA.

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