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Top challenges

Intense competition and need to reduce costs are pushing banks to optimize their front-office processes and infrastructure. Banking clients are frustrated with the time and duplication of effort to conduct business with the bank. They are additionally frustrated by lack of visibility into their banking relationship. The main problems faced by banks are:

  1. Lack of differentiated client experience due to inconsistent view of client data.
  2. Complex and manual processes that limit upsell and cross-sell in banking.
  3. Cost pressures due to maintaining disparate front office applications.

How WebSphere can help

Business Agility in Customer Care means using an incremental approach to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. With IBM, banks can continuously optimize front-office processes and applications by empowering business & IT users to automate processes in real time, improve efficiency, and build dynamic application infrastructure. With WebSphere solutions, banks can:

  1. Improve customer segmentation and conduct targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Optimize sales processes such as account opening, lending, cross/up-selling, and dynamic product bundling.
  3. Enhance service processes including case management, dispute management, and event-based decision-making.

  • IBM Customer Advisor Accelerator for Retail Banking

    This accelerator provides banks with an automated and streamlined new account opening process for cross channel (web, branch, call center) and cross product (deposit and investment) support. Banks can quickly and easily access product selection and cross sell rules without the involvement of IT. The customer's needs can be determined thanks to analysis of a customizable dynamic questionnaire.

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  • Bringing new agility to the point of contact

    Use business rules to increase opportunities for upsell, cross-sell and customer satisfaction. Enable highly customized, flexible and consistent interactions in real time at the point of contact. By automating core decisions that need to be made at the point of contact with a BRMS extension, enable any contact person, or any front-end to promote the right product, service, or offering at the right time to the right customer—thereby reducing decision time while increasing relevancy and consistency.

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  • Automate, streamline and optimize your account opening process

    IBM offers proven Business Process Management (BPM) solutions designed to help banks develop and implement streamlined account opening processes and procedures with minimized risk and improved time to value. Improve wallet share by enabling more cross-sell and up-sell and automate key processes to eliminate redundancy and reduce errors.

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Cross-sell in Banking

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