Travel and Transportation

Optimization and Supply Chain Management for Travel
and Transportation

IBM ILOG technologies offer travel and transportation companies the ability to increase competitiveness, safety and environmental impact by improving both customer service and operations at a lower cost.

Optimized planning, scheduling, routing and timetabling to improve operations performances:

Make better decisions faster

IBM ILOG Optimization technology supports better decision-making to address these challenges faced today by all transportation modes:

The benefits of IBM ILOG Optimization

Better decisions
IBM optimization tools find non-obvious solutions, maximizing value and minimizing costs while observing the many complex requirements and limitations of modern transportation activities and operations. IBM ILOG Optimization shifts the cost-performance frontier for your system, providing better performance for less. And IBM ILOG Optimization produces quantifiable benefits to your bottom line—often with payback in less than a year.

Faster decisions
Automating decision processes decreases response time—necessary in today's accelerating markets—and allows operators and planners to focus on critical complexities rather than on routine issues.

Faster, lower cost development and maintenance
The high-level modeling tools in the IBM ILOG Optimization help engineers code and validate models with less time and effort than traditional programming languages, and by increasing the transparency of the model, it makes maintaining and upgrading the systems easier and more reliable.

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