Optimization and Analytical Decision Support for
Media & Entertainment

Automate Key Business Decisions and Processes with Advanced Analytics

Digital media innovation, audience fragmentation and the increasing number of channels create major challenges in the Media and Entertainment industry. Advanced analytics can help handle these changes and exploit new opportunities, including: increasing viewer profitability, customer loyalty and revenue; and optimizing personnel scheduling, ticket sales, and advertising sales and scheduling.

Many leading broadcasters, television networks, advertisers, content providers, sports leagues and theme parks rely on ILOG Optimization software to reduce costs and improve profitability.

In Media, ILOG Optimization helps streamline ad sales plan, optimize ad and program scheduling and perform optimal ad placement for increased revenues and customer satisfaction.

In Entertainment, ILOG Optimization helps streamline event and personnel scheduling, while taking into account seasonal demand, as well as fan, team, venue operators, and broadcast media requirements.

You, too, can improve profitability, drive additional revenue and deliver more value to your customers with ILOG products and services.

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