Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources Optimization

IBM Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources optimization solutions
enable faster, better decisions

IBM Decision Optimization products have bolstered decision making in the energy and utilities and natural resource industries for decades. Powered by continuous innovations in computational algorithms and hardware, IBM Decision Optimization tools are richly equipped to build and solve the complex optimization models required by today’s rapidly evolving energy and natural resources markets.

Meet industry challenges with optimized decision making

IBM Decision optimization offers the ability to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions, quickly and transparently. These decisions impact all levels of the business operation including upstream, midstream, and downstream challenges such as:

  • -Resource planning
    Determine long-term investments in supply- and demand-side resources to meet your customers’ demands and reliability targets cost effectively, while complying with emission limits and additional requirements.
  • -Unit commitment and economic dispatch
    Select bids and schedule power generators to cost-effectively meet hourly demands, taking full advantage of renewable resources and available storage.
  • -Hydro and thermal scheduling
    Make the best use of seasonal water availability and balance the trade-offs among power generation, irrigation, recreation, fisheries and other uses.
  • -Optimal power flow and security-constrained dispatch
    Ensure your generators serve loads at the lowest cost, while effectively using available transmission and operating securely in the face of multiple contingencies.
  • -Network planning
    Ensure your electric transmission and substation capacities or your gas pipeline and compressor capacities meet the needs of multiple producers and numerous delivery points.
  • -Contract and risk management
    Enable profitable bidding while limiting price and volume risks to acceptable levels.
  • -Power market simulation
    Test policies and rules for efficiency and effectiveness in providing adequate resources, price stability, and market power mitigation.
  • -Nuclear plant outage scheduling
    Make maximum use of refueling outages to perform critical maintenance in a safe manner, while ensuring fast return to service.

The benefits of IBM Decision Optimization

Better decisions
IBM optimization tools find non-obvious solutions, maximizing value and minimizing costs while observing the many complex requirements and limitations of modern energy and power system operations. IBM Decision Optimization shifts the cost-performance frontier for your system, providing better performance for less. And Decision Optimization produces quantifiable benefits to your bottom line—often with payback in less than a year.

Faster decisions
Automating decision processes decreases response time—necessary in today’s accelerating markets—and allows operators and planners to focus on critical complexities rather than on routine issues.

Faster, lower cost development and maintenance
The high-level modeling tools in the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio help engineers code and validate models with less time and effort than traditional programming languages, and by increasing the transparency of the model, it makes maintaining and upgrading the systems easier and more reliable.

Quickly turn information into action
IBM Decision Optimization leverages your investments in enterprise information technology.