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ThePremier Cloud Innovation Conference
February 22-26 MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Technology Program

With more than 500 sessions to choose from, the Technology Program will demonstrate how to put your business in motion by quickly leveraging technology to overcome your most critical IT challenges.  Build new skills and increase your expertise on a wide range of topics, including application infrastructure, mobile enterprise, expert integrated systems, cloud, messaging, SOA integration & governance, BPM, operational decision management (ODM), big data, social collaboration and more!  Attend lectures, hands-on labs and Meet-the-Expert sessions to learn about IBM’s industry-leading capabilities, client success stories and business partner implementations. Participate in the Developer Unconference, explore open labs in the Product Technology Center and engage in numerous networking opportunities. This year’s agenda will include the depth and breadth of topics you need to turn technology trends into competitive advantage. 

Value Proposition:
The Technology Program will give you the opportunity to develop new skills and find solutions to the IT challenges within your enterprise. Speakers will include industry leaders, customers, business partners, analysts, Distinguished Engineers, leading developers and IBM product architects.

The program will explain:

  • How cloud, expert integrated systems, optimization and application middleware can deliver flexibility, efficiency and cost savings 
  • How to optimize your applications, processes and decisions for the mobile experience
  • How extending the enterprise to Mobile is imperative for your business
  • How to architect your business for cloud, mobile and big data
  • How to best use emerging development standards in an enterprise environment 
  • How intelligent application connectivity can reduce costs and increase revenue
  • How to improve the way work gets done through integrated, optimized and interconnected processes and decisions
  • How to provide an exceptional web experience and outstanding user interactions

Track 1: Current Trends and Future Directions in Technology

In today’s interconnected world, business leaders recognize that technology is the most important factor to successfully put a business in motion. In order to thrive in this new environment, organizations are relying on their IT leaders and developers to apply the promise of new technology innovations in Cloud, Mobile, Security, and Big Data to help them improve decision-making dexterity, to speed the delivery of new products and services, and to quickly adapt to new business models and competitive threats.
This track will feature a select number of cutting-edge sessions that highlight the expertise of thought leaders. These sessions will emphasize the importance of new technologies as a key driver for greater business value and agility.  The sessions will demonstrate how emerging technologies, including Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Social and Mobile have the potential to transform and deliver IT services, driving innovations across the business. 

Value Proposition:
This track will help IT leaders and organizations:

  • Understand how emerging technology trends can fundamentally transform an organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Identify and plan to incorporate specific trends that will drive business value for your organization

Sub tracks:

Cloud – Everyone is looking for new ways to create sustainable advantage, reach new customers, and design and deploy new business models – all while managing an unprecedented rate of change. The appeal of Cloud computing to achieve these objectives is undeniable - yet separating the hype from the operating realities is critical. This sub-track will explore how IBM SmartCloud solutions are helping clients to improve their operating agility and speed the delivery of new IT systems, thereby transforming IT into a strategic center of business innovation.

Big Data and Analytics – Recent studies confirm that leaders who use analytics have 33% more revenue growth and 12X more profit growth. Yet with the ever increasing supply of data and unstructured content coming from an ever expanding number of sources, the sheer volume is growing faster than organizations can turn it into useful insights. IBM has worked with hundreds of clients to identify the highest impact scenarios for analytics and big data, and deployed solutions faster and more cost effectively using optimized systems.  This sub-track will explore how to maximize the use of big data, predictive analytics, decision management and defensible disposal to turn information into insight and insight into business outcomes faster.

Social – Today’s customers expect more. They expect you to know them as individuals, to anticipate their needs and to surprise them with interesting new products and services. Yet the traditional approaches to innovation and customer intimacy are hopelessly archaic in today’s world.  This sub-track explores how social business and an end-to-end approach to commerce can change the way you interact with your customers, building their loyalty and your brand.

Mobile – In a world where everyone is connected to everything your organization’s infrastructure has no boundaries. Successful companies are putting business in motion. The challenge is managing and securing an infrastructure that connects an endless array of intelligent devices and sensors that are outside your control. This sub-track explores how leaders across industries are building mobile enterprises. It will discuss how all technologists – from CIOs to developers – are using a new class of integrated solutions to externally generate more value from mobile customers while at the same time internally making their mobile operations more efficient.

Security – In today’s hyper-connected world, information security is expanding beyond its technical silo into a strategic, board-level priority. And there’s reason – advanced cyber-attacks, insider threats and their business ramifications multiply every day. Cloud computing and mobile devices bring new agility and efficiency to your business as well as new risks which must also be mitigated. This sub-track will explore how your organization can balance the need for increased business innovation, agility and information sharing with the need to safeguard your most valuable assets – your intellectual property, customer data and your brand.

Integration – Mobile and Cloud are driving an explosion of applications, transactions, and data with new integration requirements. In order to build, deliver, and integrate the next generation of applications, enterprises need to extend and secure services and APIs outside the enterprise and reliably integrate information from new endpoints across the enterprise. This sub-track will explore how IBM solutions provide fast, flexible connectivity between processes, applications and information.

Track 2: Application Infrastructure

In today’s changing world, technology is no longer just part of the execution layer of a business’s strategy, it has now taken a front seat and drives a business’s strategy. The application infrastructure is the technology enabler of the business – the core component to realizing the new business opportunities and efficiencies promised by the exciting emerging technologies of today like Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social. This track will feature sessions on how IBM’s Application Infrastructure helps your business and IT teams develop, deploy, run and manage modern applications while addressing the new challenges and requirements these emerging technologies introduce like:

  • Shortened application development cycles
  • On-premise and off-premise deployments
  • Scalability and Optimization
  • Security
  • Management

Value Proposition:
Enable innovation, control costs and increase flexibility with IBM Application Infrastructure offerings.

  • Develop and deliver applications faster, more securely while leveraging open standards
  • Reduce IT labor cost by simplifying configuration, operations, management and monitoring
  • Efficiently utilize capital and significantly reduce license costs
  • Utilize virtualization to optimize your infrastructure and batch processing to automate and consolidate workloads
  • Reduce provisioning cycle times from weeks to minutes
  • Leverage rapid cloud deployment and enhanced scalability through elastic caching 

Sub tracks:

WebSphere Application Server Infrastructure - Industry-leading application server performance, efficient utilization, autonomic health management and security for today’s modern application environments. This sub-track explores how the WebSphere Application Server offers a simplified yet high performing foundation for flexible and intelligent application control and runtime efficiency so you can respond to evolving business needs quickly and reliably.

CICS - Cost-effective application platform designed to execute mixed language application workloads, supporting both modern and traditional programming languages and models.  This sub-track explores the latest features of CICS, offering unparalleled connectivity, scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of the next generation of business users. There is something for every discipline regarding all aspects of the CICS Portfolio - whether you are an Architect designing your future business processes, an Application Developer looking for the most efficient way to code, test and deploy an application in CICS, an IT manager looking to control costs and resources or a System Programmer focused on tuning performance and configuring the system, this track offers you insight into what is available to make your CICS experience more rewarding.

Client Use Cases: AI in Action - Learn from others in your industry on how they are successfully innovating with IBM’s Application Infrastructure. This sub-track will showcase our clients’ use of WebSphere foundation technology. These sessions will focus on our client’s use of technology or industry-specific use cases to  deliver business objectives and value.

Application Development - New optimized developer tooling and how to best use emerging development standards in an enterprise environment. This sub-track covers updated support for the latest Java EE specifications and other open programming models supported by WebSphere including OSGi and Service Component Architecture.  The latest JPA and EJB features will be discussed, along with hands-on instruction.  This sub-track will also explore the use of IBM’s Eclipse-based development tools, including the latest features in WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile.  Additional topics will include tools for testing and problem determination, team development, and development and testing applications in the cloud.

Cloud Computing, Platforms and Applications - Enable dynamic performance with application infrastructure virtualization. This sub-track will explore the WebSphere infrastructure technologies that enable you to evolve your datacenter infrastructure to support private clouds and hybrid clouds.  You will learn how to centralize and standardize hardware resources and dispense application infrastructure services dynamically based on need.  We will explore how WebSphere dynamic application infrastructure can dynamically adjust system resources to meet demands and how to improve the resiliency of your systems.  Sessions in this sub-tract will cover how to tune and optimize your WebSphere infrastructure for maximum performance and extreme transaction processing.

Track 3: Mobile Enterprise

Are you readying yourself for mobile? Can you predict what a customer is likely to buy, where, when and how they are likely to buy it? Do you, or can you, support BYOD (bring your own device) or CYOD (choose your own device)?
Across all industries, mobile enterprises need to think through several key elements:

  • Development
  • Connectivity
  • Management
  • Security
  • Strategy
  • Mobile Insights

Mobile enterprises need a scalable approach to building mobile applications that deliver a superior user experience on multiple devices, and meet the needs for fast time-to-market and rapid refresh cycles. They also need to link customers and staff to back-end applications and systems, cloud and social technologies. This linkage allows them to leverage smarter analytics that learn from each interaction, refining as they go to predict future purchasing patterns. Enterprises must also prioritize mobile security, which requires taking a layered approach encompassing mobile device security, mobile app security, and mobile access security. They are thinking mobile-first and creating an end-to-end strategy for taking their enterprise mobile. Enterprises who go mobile are benefiting in these ways:

  • Increase in sales and customer satisfaction
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Improvement in worker productivity and speed process times

Value Proposition:
IBM Mobile enables organizations to rapidly turn every interaction into an opportunity to drive return on engagement and investment because only IBM can combine deep industry expertise with mobile, analytics, cloud, social, and security technologies to help enterprises capture new markets, efficiently extend their businesses to mobile employees, customers and partners and maintain the integrity of their assets.

Sub tracks:

Mobile Application Development – Device types, screen sizes and operating systems, oh my!  This sub-track explores the IBM mobile capabilities that will help you build and deploy Web-based mobile applications across multiple platforms and devices whether via a native, hybrid, or Web Approach. It will also demonstrate how enterprises can enable applications to optimally integrate with backend applications and information systems as well as cloud technologies.

Mobile BYOD Management and Security – Putting Safety and Security as your top priority?  This sub-track covers how to gain real time visibility into your hardware, software, configuration, and location data — so you can manage your assets more efficiently. It will also highlight how IBM tools and applications can help provide secure transactions on an array of devices, from around the world, while keeping your networks safe and efficient even if employees use personal mobile devices to access to corporate resources.

Mobile Enterprise Strategy – Think mobile-first!  This sub-track covers how Mobile is a transformative change in doing business in motion. It explores why it is important that technology executives and practitioners understand the trends, requirements and imperatives related to making their enterprise mobile and how organizations can use it for better business and IT outcomes.

Social-Mobile-Cloud (SoMoClo) and Commerce – why the bundle is stronger than its parts.  This sub-track covers how enterprises are leveraging additional technologies with mobile – specifically social, cloud and commerce – in order to drive additional revenue through their mobile channel and deepen customer engagement.

Mobile Insights and Analytics – What to do with all of this data?  This sub-track covers how organizations can gain intelligence and react more swiftly to consumer trends in today’s digitally transformed marketplace. Using analytics empowers enterprises to discover what's working, what isn't, and why in their mobile channel.

Client Use Cases: Mobile in Action Learn from others in your industry on how they are successfully utilizing IBM Mobile solutions.  This sub-track showcases how our clients are using a variety of our mobile solutions in a number of different industries.

Track 4: Expert Integrated Systems

This track explores how expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT with built-in expertise, integration by design and a simplified experience. With the increasing importance of IT, organizations need ways to move beyond today’s inefficient approaches to computing so that they can deploy new and innovative capabilities faster. The IBM PureSystems family makes it possible to consolidate operations, optimize resources, innovate to respond to changing demand, and accelerate cloud , and analyze large volumes of real-time and historical data for patterns and insights  for better business outcomes.

Value Proposition:
Organizations must deal with complex, interlocking systems and landscapes that support business-critical systems. These organizations must respond more rapidly and flexibly to changes in volatile, globalized business environments. They must boost competitiveness and exploit emerging opportunities. At the same time, economic conditions reinforce pressures to cut or at least contain growth in costs.

  • Operational savings
  • System efficiencies and agility

Sub tracks:

PureApplication Systems This sub-track features sessions on PureApplication Systems, an integrated platform system of hardware and software, optimized and tuned for running transactional web and database workloads.

Patterns-Based Deployment - This sub-track will discuss the value of the pre-built IBM patterns, based on real world client interaction as well as demonstrate  how to extend the pre-built patterns to meet your development needs or create your own custom patterns.

Client Use Cases: EIS in Action - This sub-track showcases some of the early adopters of IBM PureSystems and demonstrates its business value.

Track 5: Messaging, SOA Integration & Governance

While Mobile presents great business opportunity, it also presents some unique challenges around security and integration. How can you securely connect Mobile apps with enterprise resources including enterprise apps, APIs and Services? How can you easily create, manage and socialize your APIs? How can the enterprise rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications? This sub-track explores the opportunities offered and challenges posed by Mobile from an Integration middleware perspective.
Topics in this track will cover:

  • How do you accelerate the flow of messages across your organization without complexity with IBM MQ solutions, improving business responsiveness and connecting to new technologies from the mainframe to mobile devices?
  • How and why should you deploy IBM DataPower Gateway Appliances to secure and optimize your applications within the enterprise, but also across mobile and cloud environments?
  • How do you integrate across departments, business partners, multiple ESB products and domains using service federation management patterns?
  • How can you take advantage of IBM’s Cast Iron Live solution to rapidly create, deploy and then promote APIs beyond your enterprise walls?
  • Can you effectively connect your mobile apps to business information from your cloud and back-end systems?

Value Proposition:
Key takeaways from this track:

  • SOA at the core can power the next generation of solutions to help enterprise IT architects and integration professionals achieve a number of new requirements, including the need for faster and more efficient data and application integration, how to tie those resources in with cloud, support mobile and even manage APIS and exploding data volumes
  • Whether your mobile opportunities are focused on customers, partners, or employees, you need a clear, secure integration and mobile platform strategy
  • Intelligent application integration can reduce costs and increase revenue

Sub tracks:

Messaging for Enterprise and Mobile - Are you ready to extend your enterprise messaging to mobile and the internet of things?  IBM Messaging solutions are celebrating 20 years of enabling clients to get the right information to the right place at the right time. More than ever, these solutions are helping clients grow their business, especially in the area of mobile and the internet of things. This sub-track features the latest capabilities of IBM Messaging, including hands-on labs for administration, deployment, optimization, security and performance tuning of the products that comprise IBM's universal messaging backbone. This includes WebSphere MQ Advanced with capabilities such as managed file transfer, mobile messaging, and advanced message security, WebSphere MQ for z/OS and the new messaging appliance which enables large scale mobile connectivity.  Learn how IBM Messaging accelerates the flow of information across organizations without complexity, cutting costs and reducing maintenance, improving business responsiveness and connecting across the enterprise, cloud and mobile.

Enterprise Integration & Gateways - Security and Integration within and the edge of your enterprise.  This sub-track features sessions on how businesses can make use of a comprehensive, flexible and consistent approach to integration while reducing complexity.  Key to this is ensuring security at the edge and within the enterprise.  Sessions on WebSphere DataPower Appliances will highlight new capabilities and client success in securing and optimizing delivery of apps and services.  Additionally, this sub-track will also include best practices for implementing and administering an ESB for loosely coupled application integration and varying messaging formats – featuring new capabilities by WebSphere Message Broker.   Finally, learn how to maximize effectiveness of your application integration environment with dynamic service connectivity by leveraging WebSphere Service Registry & Repository to increase business agility and growth.

Mobile Integration & API Management - While Mobile presents great business opportunity, it also presents some unique challenges around security and integration. How can you securely connect Mobile apps with enterprise resources including enterprise apps, APIs and Services? How can you easily create, manage and socialize your APIs? How can the enterprise rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications? This sub-track explores the opportunities offered and challenges posed by Mobile from an Integration middleware perspective.

SOA Principles and Practices - Simply put, SOA is good design! This sub-track, targeted at enterprise and integration architects, includes sessions on software construction principles as well as using proven methodologies and patterns in architecture, development, project management and implementation to build flexible and business-oriented service architectures. It will also demonstrate IBM’s commitment to achieving process integrity: the ability to conduct reliable business activity in a secure, scalable SOA environment with seamless integration at every level.

Client Use Cases: SOA in Action - Learn from others in your industry on how they are successfully implementing SOA.  This sub-track will include sessions on creating a scalable service-based enterprise from all aspects of the adoption cycle from initial entry points through business transformation. Real world examples from clients, business partners and the IBM community will be featured.

Track 6: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Putting a business in motion starts with optimized processes and decisions. This track focuses on technology that enables process improvement, visibility and automation to help companies get started on projects for specific initiatives or adopt broader Business Process and Decision Management programs for wider transformation. It will showcase the comprehensive set of offerings that enables clients to model, simulate, execute, adapt, monitor, automate and optimize core business processes, business rules and business events, and repeatable patterns
This track will dig deep into IBM’s Process, Decision and Case Management portfolios from in-depth sessions about products to implementation methodology. Attendees will learn how to get started with a small project and then incrementally grow to an enterprise level program in a way that proves value to the business throughout the entire transformation.  This track will highlight IBM’s Business Process, Decision and Case Management technologies and  how they work hand-in-hand with IBM’s proven methodology.
This track will also highlight our use cases straight from our customers as well as from IBM’s experts who have a breadth of industry knowledge and track record of delivering high value to our customers.

Value Proposition:

Business Process, Case and Decision Management are the best investment a company can make to achieve agile and intelligent business operations. Business Process Management software and services empower organizations of all sizes to not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations, not only react to, but anticipate shifts in their marketplace, and all of this while keeping costs under control. It takes a process aware organization to achieve this level of agility and IBM has both the tools and the knowhow to transform you into one.  Operational Decision Management provides the power to intelligently automate a wide range of decisions across business processes and applications.  Decision Management provides value to organizations that want to improve the responsiveness and precision of automated decisions.  IBM Case Manager simplifies the delivery of case-based, ad-hoc solutions, such as complex exception handling & credit approvals, through a collaborative, dynamic and information-intensive process. 

  • Process and decision automation can increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Decision management software provides control and flexibility in how you manage decision points in your processes
  • Business Process, Decision and Case Management fosters business agility, allowing a business to introduce new products and services more quickly, and respond more nimbly to continually changing business demands
  • Business process monitoring allows your business to measure performance at the end-to-end process level
  • Business Process, Decision and Case Management promotes business and IT alignment by directly linking the business-produced model with the executable implementation
  • Case Management provides role-based and personalized user experience with deep context for case work to bring people, process and information together for better outcomes

Sub tracks:

Projects to Programs: Approaches & Adoption –  This sub-track features sessions and hands-on labs that show how IBM can help organizations optimize business performance by discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes and decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Topics demonstrate how to model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes throughout the process lifecycle as well as governance and change.

Process & Decision Technology Platforms - This sub-track features sessions and hands-on labs will give attendees information on the products as well as the nuts and bolts of administration, deployment, optimization, migration, security and tuning, of the products that comprise of IBM's business process and decision management portfolio.  

Extending Processes & Decisions to Other Systems of Record This sub-track covers BPM and Operational Decision Management linkages with SAP, Enterprise Content Management, Master Data Management, Analytics, SPSS, EMM, and Social capabilities

Client Use Cases: BPM and Operational Decision Management in Action - This sub-track will include sessions on business process and operational decision management enterprise solutions from all aspects of the cycle.  Real world examples from clients and business partners will be featured.

Track 7: Implementing Industry Solutions for Improved ROI

Because each industry faces unique challenges, we have designed a track that allows you to gain industry-specific insights from your peers. Hear from leaders in your industry, who have successfully deployed innovative solutions. This track will introduce two new types of sessions: industry patterns that result in actionable best practices, which can be implemented immediately; and live “build from scratch” demos to showcase capabilities, productivity and ease of use of IBM product suites in an industry context.

Value Proposition:
Learn from industry experts who have successfully implemented WebSphere technology to address some of their most complex business challenges.  Gain direct and candid feedback from IT practitioners in your industry. Understand in YOUR language what it takes to design, deploy & maintain market leading industry solutions

Sub tracks:

Industry Roundtables –  Meet with leading practitioners, share point of views and discuss key industry imperatives and solutions across four industries; Banking and Financial Markets, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Insurance and Government.

Design Patterns - Hear joint presentations by customer and IBM experts focused on repeatable industry-specific patterns. Learn from the experience of others and bring home actionable insights and best practices, which can be implemented immediately.

Build It Now - See live demonstrations that will walk you through the steps of building industry-specific applications "from scratch" - e.g., mobile apps, business processes or installing a pattern on PureSystems.

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30 minute Impact Video Chat Series

Business Program

The Forbes Business Leadership Forum will offer over thirty-five sessions for business leaders who are looking to take advantage of breakthrough technologies to re-invent their business operations, make sense of the exploding amount of data, anticipate changes with analytics to better respond to the marketplace in real time and drive innovation thanks to mobile, cloud, social, business process transformation, collaboration tools and more.  Join the sessions in this program and explore topics such as performance management, innovation, customer relationship, social revolution and collaboration on a global scale.

Value Proposition:
The Forbes Business Leadership Forum will bring leading line-of-business (LOB) and IT experts together to share best practices on how to leverage IT, streamline LOB and IT operations and drive better business outcomes.  By attending sessions in the Business Program at Impact 2013, LOB leaders will:

  • Learn how to infuse business processes, social networks and mobile channels with intelligence to reduce operational costs and make sense of data explosion.
  • Explore ways to leverage breakthrough technologies to empower business leaders and transform the customer relationship.
  • Collaborate with industry peers and discuss how smarter processes and decisions can increase customer centricity while reducing business and IT costs. 
  • Seek out visionary leadership sessions to gain new insights and surge ahead of the competition.

Track 1: Real Trends or Buzzwords? What IT Can Really Do for Your Business

Increasingly complex business environments are challenging companies to make swift and effective decisions as well as create actionable information based on quintillion bytes of data.  In this environment, businesses are searching for ways to get better value from existing business and technology investments to drive new levels of innovation, insight and growth.  But how do you differentiate real trends from overly-used buzzwords?  What can IT really do for your business?  In this track, attendees will explore three major trends that are transforming the way we do business: data explosion, social collaboration and mobile.

Value Proposition:
Business leaders need intelligent processes, new insights and better collaboration tools to enable business-led transformation by directly linking execution to strategy. By attending the sessions in this track, they will:

  • Explore ways to gain insight from visibility across interconnected processes, applications, information and multi-platform systems.
  • Hear about strategies to automate, govern and improve operational decision-making, make more profitable decisions with real-time detection of opportunities and risks, and increase decision accuracy by applying predictive analytics to data across the enterprise.
  • Have the opportunity to join the Social Business Revolution and learn how to drive real business results from online communities and social interaction, including thanks to mobile tools.

Sub tracks:

Make Sense of Data Explosion
Turn Social Collaboration into Action
What is Your Mobile Strategy?

Track 2: Breakthrough Technologies Business Leaders Can't Ignore

Forward thinkers are looking for the next generation solutions that will lead them to new levels of success.  What are the breakthrough technologies business leaders can’t ignore?  In this track, attendees will hear from exceptional businesses that found ways to make smarter, more profitable decisions while turning insights into real-time actions, managing change to their advantage and integrating technologies to support constant innovation.

Value Proposition:
Attendees attending sessions in this track will:

  • Explore creative ways to leverage breakthrough technologies to be more innovative, agile and efficient within their organization and in the marketplace.
  • Hear how businesses are competing to differentiate themselves and enhance customer relationships through personalized interactions, as well as increase business productivity and agility by empowering their employees with mobile and cloud-based solutions.
  • Learn how standout businesses are implementing Smarter Infrastructures by securely integrating information, applications and workloads between public and private clouds and traditional IT and automating service delivery to improve economics, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation.

Sub tracks:

Turn Customer Insight Into Real Time Actions
How Much Does Change Really Cost You?
What is Your Digital Business Strategy?

Track 3: Industry Success Stories You Can't Miss

Business executives are more focused than ever on transforming, innovating and growing their business. Attend the sessions from this track and learn what industry peers and thought leaders are doing to achieve better business outcomes thanks to more than ten Industry Success Stories You Can’t Miss. During these sessions, clients will share their journey on road to business transformation and discuss industry-specific solutions addressing their most pressing issues. You will gain actionable insights, direct and candid feedback from executives across Banking and Financial Markets, Insurance, Retail, Government, Healthcare, and Telecommunication industries.

Value Proposition:
In this track featuring success stories and panel discussions, business leaders will hear about a wide range of industry specific solutions that will help them manage accelerated regulatory changes, increased marketplace complexity and more demanding customers than ever. Attendees will:

  • Gain practical insights from industry peers and learn about real-world industry solutions that are empowering a wide range of companies to transform, innovate and grow.
  • Learn about strategies to help business and IT teams collaborate and work together more efficiently.
  • Discuss industry-specific successes and challenges and hear from clients who have successfully transformed their business.
  • Get insight on some of the world’s best run processes and how they were created.

Sub tracks:

Industry Spotlights
The Industry Forum

Track 4: Forward Thinking: Innovation, Leadership and Creativity

What keeps your organization innovating?  How do you support collaboration among employees in ways that increase their productivity and motivation? Do you know what really matters to your customers?  How do the very things that make you successful today may be subject to profound transformation within the next year?  Join this forum and hear from authors, business executives, consultants, professors and thought leaders as they discuss ways to leverage disruptive technologies, tap into visionary leadership and grow innovation beyond imagination.  Welcome to the Forward Thinking track about Innovation, Leadership and Creativity.

Value Proposition:
Business leaders attending these sessions will:

  • Learn new approaches to change their organization and themselves.
  • Hear strategies for breaking free from the past, so that they can embrace major changes happening in the worldwide economy, including international collaboration, cross-country teaming, remote management, global integration and performance management across divisions and teams.
  • Learn new ways to set up strategies for managing for the long term and not simply reacting to the quarterly business cycle.
  • Explore new ideas to create a corporate climate where employees are highly motivated and embrace change. 
IBM Software. Impact 2013. Business. In Motion. April 28 - May 2. The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV

Impact 2013 Programs, Tracks and Topics

Technology Program | Business Program | Popular Topics | Register

Technology Program

The Technology Program at Impact 2013 delivers client success stories, lectures, hands-on labs, meet-the-expert sessions and networking opportunities. Conference tracks and sessions for each:

Business Program

The Business Program will explore the keys to success for business in constant motion. Forward-thinking business and IT leaders will share how they are engaging clients and employees through social and mobile, how they are extending their infrastructure to broad networks of devices and instruments in the cloud, and how they are transforming applications to integrate seamlessly with new types of partners and innovators.

Popular Topics

Developer Unconference offers developers and IT professionals the opportunity to submit and vote on the topics they want to discuss around the issues that matter most.

Impact Social Playground is a networking and meeting place in the Solution Center for interacting with peers and experts on how they are retooling the way business is done in today's mobile and social world.

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