Impact 2014

The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV | April 27 - May 1


Advertising and Branding Opportunities

Advertising on "Agenda Builder"
Increase your company exposure by advertising on the “Agenda Builder” information system and be sure to get your company noticed! The “Agenda Builder” allows attendees to schedule meetings, connect with other attendees, get updated conference information.
Logo on Log-In Screen - Web & Onsite Kiosk (1 opportunity) $1,000
Rotating Logo on Sponsorship Ribbon - Web & Onsite Kiosks (multiple opportunities) $1,000
Logo on Mobile Version (2 opportunities) $2,000
Advertising on Conference Digital Signage (rotating content provided by sponsors)
Promote your company and solutions through this dynamic channel! Leverage the plasma screens, located throughout the conference, to deliver your digital message to attendees. Rotating content can include logos, digital still ads and video promotional spots.
One-Minute Video (up to 60 seconds max) $1,500
Digital Still Ad $1,000
Logo $750
Advertising on Solution EXPO Exterior Wall (rotating content provided by sponsors)
Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your digital message in the EXPO on the large video wall centrally located where all can see! Rotating content can include logos, digital still ads and videos.
Digital Still Ad $2,000
Logo $1,000
Banner (hanging) Outside Solution EXPO $7,500
Promote your company’s presence through this highly visible medium. Located outside of the Solution EXPO you will have the exclusive sponsorship of this banner. Your logo is sure to be seen by all attendees.
Column signs Outside Solution EXPO (only 2 opportunities) $5,000
Increase your name recognition at the conference! your company name will be printed on up to two sides of a column found in the common areas of the conference.
Conference Paper Notepad in Welcome Kit $2,000
(only 1 opportunity; sponsor provides paper notepad using approved vendor)
Be the sponsor of the conference paper notepad which will include your logo as well as our conference branding! Using our approved vendor, you provide the paper notepads and we will distribute them to attendees. Subject to approval.
Escalator Runner Banner $4,000
(limited opportunities)
Make sure to reach attendees by increasing your brand exposure! Place an escalator runner banner on one of the convention center escalators. Don’t miss this opportunity to have attendees read your message while riding on the escalator!
Full Page Ad in Impact Conference Guide (multiple opportunities) $1,500
Promote your sessions or exhibits in the printed Impact Conference Guide to be handed out onsite. Your ad will be placed in a prominent position within the guide.
Hotel Door Drop (limited opportunities) $1,500
Share your message with attendees by sponsoring a hotel door drop. A great way to differentiate yourself. Additional hotel charges apply
Hotel Room Keys (limited opportunities) $2,500
Gain premier name recognition by sponsoring the hotel room keys to be handed out during hotel registration. You choose the quantity of keys to be distributed (minimum of 1,000). Additional hotel charges apply.
"People Mover" T-Shirts $10,000
(only 1 opportunity)
Sponsor the t-shirts worn by the people who can be found throughout the conference helping to direct attendees. Your not-to-be-missed company name and booth number or URL will be printed on the back of each brightly colored t-shirt.
Promotional Flyer in Welcome Kit $2,000
(limited opportunities; flyer provided by sponsor)
Get more exposure by placing a flyer in the Welcome Kit materials that attendees will receive at Conference registration. Sponsor provides flyers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Attendee Networking Lounge * $3,500
(limited opportunities)
This sponsorship provides two locations near the breakout session rooms for attendees to think, relax, work and network with peers beginning on Sunday through Thursday. Sponsorship includes signage, lounge furniture, wireless internet and electrical. Refreshments can be arranged directly with the hotel at an additional cost to the Sponsor.
Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Lunch Sessions $3,000
(Multiple opportuntities) The Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) 45-minute lunch sessions bring together people who are interested in the same topic and allow for an open, candid discussion. The BOF topics are approved by IBM and promoted to attendees via online and printed materials. Your presenters must each have either a full conference or a Solution EXPO badge. As the sponsor of a BOF, you can provide flyers and/or give-away items. You will receive acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Impact Conference Guide.
Business Partner Café **
(limited opportunities)
This high impact opportunity is designed to brand the Sponsor to a significant community within the event in an exclusive setting. The sponsorship also includes the following benefits:

• Exclusive table within the Business Partner Café
• Sponsor logo in the Solution EXPO Pocket Guide, overhead banner, easel signage and on the conference website
Sponsorship plus 2 conference badges (limited opportunities) $8,500
Sponsorship plus 4 conference badges (limited opportunities) $10,000
Charging Locker Outside Solution EXPO $5,000
(2 opportunities)
Charging lockers are a convenient and secure way for attendees to recharge their phones and tablets onsite. A visitor plugs his or her device into a locker and is then free to participate in various activities at Impact - confident the device is safe.
Charging Station Inside Solution EXPO $3,000
(10 opportunities)
Drive traffic to your booth and provide a valuable service to your clients and prospects by sponsoring a charging station for smart devices. Digital display on front of unit can be customized with your company name and booth number. Note: Custom branding of the complete unit is available for an additional fee. Invite your booth guests to charge their phone while you network or give them a demo. You will receive acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Pocket Guide.
Coffee Breaks - Entire Conference $3,000
(2 opportunities)
Sponsor the coffee breaks for the entire Conference and put the focus on your brand! Your company name will appear in the Pocket Guide and on signage at the coffee break areas. Be the exclusive sponsor for $5,000.
Dessert in Solution EXPO - Mon thru Wed $1,000
(4 opportunities)
Gain premier name recognition by sponsoring the desserts served in the Solution EXPO after lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Your company name will appear in the Pocket Guide and on signage in the Solution EXPO. Be the exclusive sponsor for $3,000.
Hands-On Lab Area $2,000
(signage acknowledgement only; 3 opportunities)
Get the focused attention of the technical community by sponsoring the Hands-On Lab Area during the Conference. These labs continue to be among the most popular sessions at the conference! Sponsorship includes appropriate signage in the area and acknowledgement in the Pocket Guide. Your collateral can also be placed in the area. Three (3) opportunities available. Be the Exclusive Sponsor of the Hands-On Lab Area for only $5,000!
Product Certification Area $2,000
(signage acknowledgement only; 3 opportunities)
This area is one of the most popular destinations at the Conference and is a fantastic opportunity to get your company noticed! Sponsorship includes signage in the certification area and acknowledgement in the Pocket Guide. You can also place a promotional brochure in the certification room. Three (3) opportunities available. Be the Exclusive Sponsor of the Product Certification Area for only $5,000!
Smart Connect & Cyber Cafe $7,000
(limited opportunities)
Create brand exposure by sponsoring the Impact Cyber Café and Smart Connect Kiosks. Attendees will access these areas to reach the internet and to be able to reach Impact web site during from Sunday, April 27th to Thursday, May 1st, 2014.
Welcome Reception in Solution EXPO $12,000
This exclusive option provides a unique promotional and brand awareness opportunity. The Welcome Reception in the Solution EXPO will be held on Sunday, April 27, 2014. Your logo, company name will be printed on signage and placed at the entrance of the Solution EXPO.

Additional Opportunities

Breakout Session Presentation $10,000
(60 minutes)
Subject to approval; Limited number available; Includes 1 full conference badge; Submission due dates apply; Available only to sponsors/exhibitors with a booth presence on the Solution EXPO floor.
Meeting Room on Solution EXPO Floor $5,000
(limited number available)
Have your own meeting room on the EXPO floor for your exclusive use. Meet with clients, plan strategy with teammates, etc. Your private meeting room will be available for use on Sunday evening through Wednesday afternoon. Limited number available.
Private Poolside Cabana at Conference Hotel ** $1,000
(limited opportunities. Daily rate)
Sponsor a private cabana at the Events Hotel on a daily basis or for the length of the conference. Meet with co-workers or invite your customers who are attending the conference to join you. Sumptuous treats and beverages can be arranged through the hotel (at an additional cost by the Sponsor).
Solution EXPO Theater Presentation $1,500
(20 minutes) Subject to approval
Take “center stage” for 20 minutes in the Solution EXPO theater! This is your opportunity to present your solution, product or innovative leading edge technology to attendees. Topic and content are subject to approval. Scheduling is first come, first served - so sign up for the optimum slot quickly. Schedules will be posted on the “Agenda Builder” and in the Solution EXPO.

Eligible Business Partners can apply Software Co-Marketing funds to qualified marketing promotional opportunities when purchased with an exhibitor package

* Software Co-Marketing funds do not apply to the refreshments
** Software Co-Marketing funds do not apply