Forbes.Business Leadership Forum at Impact 2012.April 30 - May 1.Las Vegas, NV.IBM Impact 2012 - Forbes Business Leadership Forum

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Success starts at the top. Forbes Business Leadership Program meets you there.

Running a successful business requires the ability to make tough choices. Transforming it and driving growth in new areas calls for unprecedented flexibility.

Together, IBM and Forbes provide the technology and insights to make it all possible.

At the Forbes Business Leadership Forum, discover a unique route to innovation and customer-centered, cost-effective results. Complexity and change are certainties in today's marketplace but can be successfully navigated with the combination of breakthrough business strategy and revolutionary IT technology.

Forbes and IBM will bring two days of unmatched resources and practical solutions on how to innovate, transform and grow your business. At the close of the forum, the change and complexity may remain, but you will be steps ahead and fully equipped to take your organization to the top.

Forum highlights

Forum Keynote Speakers

What's a leadership forum without leadership speakers? Forbes is bringing three of their top minds to Impact 2012.

Mike Perlis, President and CEO at Forbes Media

Mike Perlis is President and CEO at Forbes Media. Mr. Perlis joined Forbes from SoftBank Capital, where he served as a General Partner. Before joining SoftBank, he served as President and CEO of Ziff-Davis Publishing until its sale in 2000. Earlier in his career, Mr. Perlis served as President at TVSM, President of the Playboy Publishing Group and Chairman and CEO of IDG Peterborough. He began his career in media as the co-founder of New England Publications in Camden, Maine.

Mr. Perlis currently serves on the boards of BuzzFeed and Mojiva. He served on the board and was chairman of Associated Content before its sale to Yahoo!.

Previous board positions include GSI Commerce (sold to eBay) and previous board observer positions include The Huffington Post (sold to AOL) and KickApps (sold to KIT digital).

He is on the Board of Advisors of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and is a trustee of Outward Bound.

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine

Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes magazine. In his "Digital Rules" column, Rich writes about technology, entrepreneurship, regional economic development, and the future of business and work. He also lectures on these subjects and is a regular participant on the Fox News Channel's Forbes on Fox.

He was raised in Bismarck, North Dakota, by a homemaker and a high-school athletic director, and attended public schools, where he gave more thought to sports than classes. He graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in political science. Before joining Forbes, Rich cofounded the 2,500 member Churchill Club, for which he shared a Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year Award, given by Ernst & Young.

Rich has also started two magazines, and he sits on several boards. Rich is married, with two children.

When he is not working or spending time with his family, Rich likes to fly his airplane around the country and meet the people who make America unique and great.

Bruce Upbin, Managing Editor at Forbes Media

Bruce Upbin is a Managing Editor at Forbes Media in charge of Technology and Wealth coverage across all platforms. Prior to that he was an Assistant Managing Editor running the magazine's technology and health content as well as special sections on innovation and creativity. Mr. Upbin joined Forbes magazine as a Reporter in 1995 and served as deputy chief of the reporting staff before moving to Chicago as Midwest bureau chief in 1997. In 2000, he returned to New York as a Senior Editor, helping to manage technology and health coverage. Since early 2005, Mr. Upbin has launched at least five new sections and, in 2006, became one of the youngest Forbes editors to be named Assistant Managing Editor. He has written a dozen cover stories and regularly provides business and technology commentary on CNN, NPR, CNBC, the BBC, Forbes on Radio and the Fox News Channel. Mr. Upbin earned a B.A. in English from Northwestern University and earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.

Leadership Forum Tracks and Sessions

The Forbes Business Leadership Forum presents four program tracks offering more than 40 sessions for business leaders charged with transforming, innovating and growing their businesses.

For a detailed view of the business sessions planned for Impact 2012, visit the Session Preview Tool, available at

Leadership Forum Tracks (expand to view track descriptions and associated sub-tracks)

Drive Changes, Create Opportunities

Track Description: Increasingly complex business environments are challenging companies to make swift and effective decisions as well as anticipate client and stakeholder needs. In this context, businesses are searching for ways to get better value from existing business and technology investments to drive new levels of innovation, transformation, and growth. In this track, attendees will hear from their peers to learn about strategies to make better business decisions and implementing a smarter approach to business processes using analytics, rules and complex event processing. Attendees will find ways learn how to accelerate application, service and information delivery; and to extend the reach of their IT resources into the Cloud. They will also find creative ways to take smarter approaches to process and integration.

Multiply Business Success with Breakthrough Technologies

Track Description: Extraordinary businesses are looking for the next generation solutions that will lead them to new levels of success. Hear from LOB leaders of exceptional businesses that found ways to make smarter, more profitable decisions while creating agile processes enabled by business-led transformation. Join your peers in the Social Business Revolution by harnessing the collective power of online communities, social interaction and exceptional web experiences that drive real business outcomes and help companies boost profit, reach new customers, and drive legions of brand enthusiasts. Discover how mobility demands are shaping the modern enterprise. Discover also how standout businesses are securely integrating information, applications and workloads and automating service delivery to improve economics, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation.


Business Agility Industry Outcomes

Track Description: Industry Leaders are more focused than ever on transforming, innovating and growing their business. Learn what industry peers in Banking and Financial Markets, Insurance, Retail, Government, Healthcare, and Telecommunications are doing to achieve business agility. Business leaders will gain practical insights by hearing about industry specific solutions that will help them manage dynamic business processes and complex IT and LOB environments. Leaders will be able to attend industry focused sessions led by our clients highlighting individual industry success stories. Additionally, attendees can join the new "Industry Forum" where industry peers will discuss solutions for the most pressing issues in each industry.


Forward Thinking Leadership

Track Description: Leaders constantly need to understand when change is appropriate for an organization or an individual. What must remain constant and what needs to be modified? Answering these questions correctly presents a challenge, especially in light of the speed and unpredictable nature of today's business climate. Whether you lead a for-profit or not-for-profit business or a government agency, there is tremendous pressure to deliver short-term results and quick fixes, without losing sight of long-term goal attainment and all of the uncertainty it implies. Explore strategies for moving your organization to the future and breaking free of the past. Find ways to manage for the long term while reacting to the quarterly business cycle. Seek ways to create an optimistic corporate climate that empowers and enables employees. Collaborate with successful corporations that are leveraging global resources no matter where they are on the planet. Join this forum to find ways to tap into visionary leadership.

  • Forbes Forum: April 30 - May 1

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