IBM completes acquisition of Sterling Commerce

IBM Boosts Business Agility with Sterling Commerce

IBM Boosts Business Agility with Sterling Commerce

IBM has completed its acquisition of Sterling Commerce, a leading provider of e-commerce, fulfillment and business-to-business integration capabilities across a wide range of industries.

Together, IBM and Sterling Commerce better enable dynamic business networks by giving clients the ability to integrate, interact, and execute across internal operations and extended value chains. This in turn gives organizations greater control over, flexibility with, and visibility into their critical business processes – within and beyond enterprise boundaries – to fuel new growth while managing costs.

Today, more than 18,000 global customers rely on Sterling Commerce. The company enables more than 1 billion business interactions a year for clients in the financial services, retail, manufacturing, communications and distribution industries.

The interactions are growing dramatically due to the proliferation of electronic business transactions, from banks exchanging transaction data and manufacturers sourcing raw materials electronically, to retailers automating stock replenishment and managing orders online. Such intelligent transactions, and the software that supports them, are critical to delivering the agility businesses need to be successful.

With Sterling Commerce and IBM technologies, clients can extend the capabilities of their existing systems using, for example, IBM’s rules management, analytics and business process management software. This can enable them to respond more nimbly to sudden business challenges as they happen.

Consistent with IBM's software strategy, IBM plans to continue to support Sterling Commerce clients and enhance its technologies while allowing Sterling Commerce clients to take advantage of the broader IBM portfolio.