IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache Version 6.0:

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Third Party License Terms and Conditions, Notices and Information

The license agreement for this product refers you to this file for details concerning terms and conditions applicable to third party software code included in this product, and for certain notices and other information IBM must provide to you under its license to certain software code. The relevant terms and conditions, notices and other information are provided below. Please note that any non-English version of the licenses below is unofficial and is provided to you for your convenience only. The English version of the licenses below is the official version.

IBM HTTP SERVER AND THE APACHE HTTP SERVER: The IBM HTTP Server component of the Program includes software developed by The Apache Software Foundation for use in the Apache HTTP Server project ( Portions of the IBM HTTP Server are based on software developed by The Apache Software Foundation . The software developed by The Apache Software Foundation is Copyright (c) 1999-2004. All rights reserved.

OPENSSL: The IBM HTTP Server component of the Program includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( and software developed by Eric Young ( The copyright notices, lists of conditions and disclaimers related to OpenSSL can be found in the readme.txt file located in the icc sub-directory of the SSL component.

Eligible Support Entitlements

The license agreement for this product refers you to this file for a list of "Eligible Support Entitlements" for this product. To the extent you have acquired an "Eligible Support Entitlement" for an earlier version of the Program, you may replace such earlier version with a copy of the Program and receive Program Services under the terms and conditions of the Eligible Support Entitlement for the Program (instead of the earlier version of the Program). The Eligible Support Entitlements for this product are:

Fast Response Cache Accelerator (FRCA) is Now Supported on AIX

AIX 5.1 and 5.2 Fast Response Cache Accelerator (FRCA) feature is now supported in IBM HTTP Server V6.0. For AIX 5.2, APAR IY49388 (fixed in PTF U495388 or ML 52B) is required.

Separate Download of IBM Directory Server (IDS) Client is Not Required

In previous versions of IBM HTTP Server, to use the mod_ibm_ldap module, a separate IDS Client was needed. For this release, this requirement has been removed. A separate download of the IDS Client is no longer required on any supported platforms.

Environment Variable Needs To Be Set When Running With SSL on SuSE SLES 8 (United Linux 1.0)

On SuSE SLES 8.0 (United Linux 1.0), set the following environment variable before starting IBM HTTP Server V6.0 with SSL enabled (otherwise, IBM HTTP Server V6.0 will not start):

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/

FIPS Support is Now Available

IBM HTTP Server V6.0 provides support for FIPS 140-2. To enable FIPS support, add SSLFIPSEnable directive to the httpd.conf file. Similarly, use SSLFIPSDisable directive to disable FIPS support.

FIPS support is disabled by default.

xlC.rte 6.0 Runtime is Needed When Running IBM HTTP Server on AIX 5.1 or AIX 5.2

On AIX 5.1 or AIX 5.2, make sure that the xlC.rte 6.0 runtime library (for example: xlC.rte. is installed before installing IBM HTTP Server V6.0. This runtime library is needed to install and use SSL with IBM HTTP Server V6.0 on those versions of AIX. You can install the runtime library from the AIX 5.2 CD. However, it is not available on the AIX 5.1 CD. You can download it from the Fix Delivery Center for AIX 5 and AIX 4.3 Web site.