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Here's what our customers are saying about the WebSphere Host Integration Solution's products for e-business . . .

Amica Mutual Insurance Company
"We are very happy with our selection of the HATS solution. The revitalization of our mission-critical underwriting legacy system was accomplished in record time, delivering a quick return on investment. As always, IBM's product support groups were key to the successful deployment of our Host Publisher-based system." - Peter Moreau, Assistant Vice President, Amica

Applied Solutions Group LLC
"IBM has continued to make HATS a premier end user and developer tool to aid in extending the life of legacy applications. The enhanced user interface in HATS version 7 makes it easy for the novice and the professional developer to create state-of-the-art web and rich client interfaces for existing legacy applications. A novice user can easily create a web interface to a legacy application within hours rather than days or months. The professional developer can use HATS to add business rules to a legacy application without modifying the underlying legacy code. HATS version 7 is great example of IBM's dedication to continued process improvement." - Joe Hrach, Owner, Applied Solutions Group LLC

ARS Computer and Consulting GmbH
"Offering access to legacy host applications in a modern world with internet connection from everywhere can be a technical and security nightmare. With HATS it is quite simple to rejuvenate the screens and provide a secure access via http and https. Especially the capability to generate web services easily from host transactions allows us to integrate legacy applications into a services based world of SOA. The new HATS rich client feature introduced in HATS V7 now matches perfectly into the IBM Lotus client strategy." - Roland Schock, CEO, ARS Computer and Consulting GmbH

"I am very pleased with the enhancements in HATS especially in the area of new Widgets and the enhancements to the Macro debugging features. Very impressive advances in the HATS tool as it continues to mature" - Steve Rogers, IT Consultant, Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO)

B & C Management Systems, Inc.
"As an ISV, we are modernizing our own application for the retail industry "4Sight Retail Management System" and providing modernization services to our clients who may or may not have access to all of the "source code" for their applications. Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V7 and the WebFacing Deployment Tool with HATS Technology (WDHT) allow us to develop a hybrid system consisting of our "4Sight" application, client in-house applications and applications provided by other vendors. With the new HATS WebFacing Interoperability, we can use WebFacing where needed as well as leverage HATS' ability to easily add widgets, such as pop-up calendars, and provide choices for option fields in subfiles. Merging these two technologies seamlessly gives us the flexibility to choose the best options to create UIs that meet our customers' requirements." - Denis Blyth, Vice-President, B & C Management Systems, Inc.

"HATS is the best tool for the design/create of new web applications to present a new front-end of legacy applications... The new HATS in combination with Host Publisher is a excellent product to translate legacy applications to modern web applications." - Johannes Bley, Project Manager, BMU

Casas Bahia
"Our challenge was to make the store applications more flexible and modern maintaining the security of our legacy and reducing TCO. We have chosen the IBM Host Integration Solution, because these products make S390 legacy systems available rapidly to all corporate users, with a very modern and user-friendly interface, without any changes to the logic of the applications." - Frederico Wanderley, CIO, Casas Bahia

"I am impressed by the wizards [in HATS V5] that walk through creation of the various transformations. I also like the template creation wizard. Our customers are very impressed by this." - Edward Chaltry, Partner/CTO, Centare Group, Ltd.

CompEx Software GmbH
"After comparing quite a few solutions to move our legacy ERP-Retail-Solution to a graphical interface, we've decided to use HATS with Webfacing technology. We transfered our first customer to a web based technology within very short time. We are very satisfied with scalability and functionality within HATS - giving us the capabilities to improve our application." - Ralf Wintrich - managing director, CompEx Software GmbH

Credit Suisse
"Excellent integration of MSCAPI in PCOMM" - Jacques Kohler, Systems Programmer, Credit Suisse

Duquesne Light
"We've found WebSphere Host On-Demand to be a very cost effective replacement for the traditional thick client we had been using for host access providing secure access across the Internet with SSL-based and LDAP support. Host On Demand was easy to install on a server. We realized a cost savings from product deployment and maintenance due to the elimination of the need to manage individual user desktops. Server maintenance is less complex with the Web-based remote configuration and administration and all of this provided our user with the functions needed for traditional host access." - Brenda Burns, Director of S/390, Duquesne Light

"With a very small effort we can port efficiently legacy "green screens" applications to the web using HATS. For a 2000 screens application we only need 3 transformations and 3 rendering rules."- Jean-Pierre Romeyer, Technology Intelligence Manager, Hardis

HoneyWell Aircraft Landing Systems
"The IBM WebSphere software platform has enabled HoneyWell Aircraft Landing Systems to build integrated solutions that rapidly extend legacy data to the web. Using WebSphere Host On-Demand's Host Access beans with VisualAge for Java, we were able to quickly create and deploy EJBs that integrate mainframe transactions with new business logic. With Host On-Demand, you can easily wrap other technologies around it and reuse the components over and over again. As a result, our development processes are faster and more flexible." - Dave Kulakowski, Development Manager, HoneyWell Aircraft Landing Systems

Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc
"Previous versions of Host on Demand were shelved due to the lack of ability to map the keyboard separately between the numeric keypad and the rest of the keyboard. This was a show stopper due to the amount of re-training our end user community would require. HOD v9, provides the separate keyboard mappings, thus eliminating the need to retrain our customer service team." - Frank Schiavone Jr., Client Support Specialist, Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.

MSI Systems Integrators
"Great product, especially in conjunction with Portal. HATS in combination with Portal will give us the ability to totally transform and extend the interface to our customer legacy applications... We liked the quick and easy default transformation that HATS supplies, coupled with its extensibility and WebSphere Studio plugin." - Ron Faltin, Director of Services, MSI Systems Integrators

Open Logic Solutions
"An impressive product [HATS]...Some of the new widgets add a new dimension to the quality of the transformation - the global rules and transformation fragments that add calendar and drop-down lists to screens, for example." - Jon Morris, Technical Specialist,Open Logic Solutions

"Using HATS, you are able to integrate existing host applications to the web, enhance the usability, or even provide them as web service without overwhelming the developer with implementation details. The product is very useful and you are able to get very good results in a short timeframe. The usage was mostly intuitive, and the handling very easy. I think once somebody decided to reuse their old applications, whether as a Service or as a customized Web Application, HATS is the right approach." - Jochen Grotepass, Managing Director, SAGA D.C. GmbH

Sherwin Williams
"WebSphere Host On-Demand has substantially streamlined our IT operations. Our employees can now access information from anywhere in three countries, which has greatly reduced help desk support. Host On-Demand has also allowed us to replace our paper-based order system, saving $96,000 per year. More importantly, the effects on efficiency and morale has been immeasurable." - Norberto Gasulla, Chief Information Officer, Sherwin Williams, Argentina SA

Teris L.L.C.
"Host on Demand is a product which works like the iSeries, it is always working, easy access and continues to grow with the java environment." - Brian Bricker, AS400 Operations Manager, Teris LLC

Veterinary Purchasing Company Limited
"WebSphere Host On-Demand gives us the ability to reach all our Shareholder Veterinarians and give them 24X7 access to our AS/400 without having to customize software for them. Satisfying them is the only business we're in, and Host On-Demand is helping us improve customer service at a level that was unimaginable before." - Rick Frook, Information Technology Manager, Veterinary Purchasing Company Limited

"We had a customer who wanted a quick demo to web enable CICS applications. We ran into problems with the first products we tried. The time to put together the demo was short, so we tried HATS. We were surprised by its simplicity and functions. We did our demo on time and the customer was happy with this product. HATS helps us develop quick web applications for EIS systems." - Ayman Mohamad Abdul Fattah, Senior Applications Consultant

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