WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime Feature
Pack for modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications

Progressively Modernize Tuxedo applications within WebSphere
Application Server

The WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime (WXTR) Feature Pack for Modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications extends WXTR's core value proposition of application modernization. The Feature Pack provides you application modernization capabilities and revitalization for existing Tuxedo style applications, by unlocking the value of these applications and extending them to use Java EE technologies. It simplifies the process of migrating Tuxedo applications onto WebSphere Application Server (WAS), complementing similar functionality provided by IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit to migrate Oracle WebLogic applications to WAS. The current version of the feature pack allows you to take your Tuxedo COBOL and C applications and host them natively in WAS using WXTR, with minimal changes.

WXTR enables progressive modernization of existing COBOL and C application skills and assets, while reducing the risks associated with typical modernization strategies. It provides the following core benefits to customers:

Programmers get complete autonomy to code and test in a mixed language environment, either in COBOL, C or Java using Rational® application development tools. The current version of the feature pack provides two broad sets of capabilities:

Key aspects of the Feature Pack include:


"Customers can use this exciting new WXTR Feature pack alongside the IBM WebSphere Application Server to progressively modernize their Oracle Tuxedo applications" said Dave Andrews, Director, Software Development, IBM. "Migration between different transaction processing platforms can be complex and risky without the right set of tools. With WXTR and this feature pack, such risks associated with the migration from Tuxedo are significantly reduced and the migration process itself vastly simplified. This feature pack along with the WebSphere Application Server migration toolkit enable customers to migrate their Oracle Tuxedo and Weblogic applications and host them within WebSphere Application Server."

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