WebSphere Voice

Key Benefits of WebSphere VoiceKey Benefits of WebSphere Voice

WebSphere Voice

The WebSphere Voice software family ranges from transcription and voice response technology to message center services, voice access to e-business applications, and more.

What we offer


WebSphere Voice Server

Software for developing and deploying conversational e-business solutions.

WebSphere Voice Server Feature Pack for Speaker Verification

Provides a grammar, language, and text independent authentication mechanism. Enroll saying anything, in any language, and verify saying anything, in any language!

IBM Embedded ViaVoice

Delivers speech technology for Embedded device applications using speech technology in two forms, Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and Text-to-speech (TTS).


IBM Desktop ViaVoice

Develop powerful, full function, speech recognition and Text-To-Speech applications for the x86/Windows desktop PC environment.

Enterprise mobile solutions

A portfolio of mobile access and voice applications that extend the reach of enterprise data to the field.

Contact Center Optimization in Telecommunications

Confront your contact center costs with speech technologies and self-service capabilities

Contact Center Optimization in Electronics industry

Optimize your contact centers for revenue growth and improve customer contact and customer service

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