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The IBM® Cognos® platform is an open, enterprise-class platform that can provide your users with the business intelligence (BI) and performance management content they need to understand your business and help improve results. In addition, it provides capabilities designed to help you more easily manage your Cognos software environments, increase your return on investment and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Cognos platform capabilities

Performance and scalability with in-memory acceleration

A query layer with optimized query generation combined with multiple levels of in-memory caching provides enhanced performance for complex heterogeneous data. For data volumes in the terabytes, the query layer provides in-memory analytics acceleration for dimensional analysis.

Common data view from all interfaces

A consistent authoring experience is provided for Cognos interfaces, from the professional report authoring environment to Cognos Workspace and Cognos Workspace Advanced. The complexities of the underlying data sources are hidden from authors and analysts.

A foundation for dimensional analysis

The Cognos platform provides the foundation for interactive analysis, which can help drive self-service BI and reduce the need for IT to build reports to answer each business question. The resulting dimensional information can be accessed by any Cognos interface and optimized based on the underlying data source.

Security-rich managed access and capabilities

The Cognos platform supports existing enterprise security providers, which enables you to reuse security assets. By linking to one or more security systems simultaneously, users from different repositories can interact and collaborate in a single environment with predictable and managed data access through single sign-on.

Content archival

With the Cognos platform, different versions of your business intelligence content can be archived so performance is not affected, but you can still access that content when you need it.

Flexible deployment

The Cognos platform supports cloud enablement so you have the flexibility to deploy your Cognos applications in the cloud. It is also part of the Cognos Business Intelligence image that is available for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise that can help you reduce deployment costs and have your application up and running in minutes.


The heart of the Cognos platform is its services oriented architecture (SOA). It is built on a true set of peer-to-peer services that are interoperable and extensible though standard interfaces and protocols, including SOAP, REST and XML.

Open standards

Because the Cognos platform is built on open standards, IT can use their existing technology standards and be confident that the environment-neutral platform can meet their future requirements as they evolve.

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