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Powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management

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A whole new level of business intelligence

IBM® Cognos® Enterprise is a business intelligence (BI) and performance management solution that combines the capabilities of Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Insight and Cognos TM1®. With Cognos Enterprise, users in your business and finance organizations can assemble information that helps them understand your business, share insights with colleagues and act on findings to drive your business forward. The central management helps your IT department more easily deploy and manage your analytics content.

Cognos Enterprise capabilities

Cognos Enterprise provides capabilities that are designed to arm users in your organization with what they need to take insight to action. They can support how people in your organization choose to work with consistent information wherever they go:

In addition, a platform with highly scalable, extensible infrastructure choices and tools provide IT with the control they need to manage and maintain your deployment more easily.

Put all of this together and you have a solution that allows individuals the business flexibility they want, while maintaining the centralized management IT requires.

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Business Intelligence that's always just right

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