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Watch the BRMS Video | IBMA business rules management system (BRMS) enables organizational policies – and the operational decisions associated with those policies, such as claim approvals, cross-sell offer selection, pricing calculations and eligibility determinations – to be defined, deployed, monitored and maintained separately from application code. WebSphere ILOG BRMS provides the ability for non-technical business users to be directly involved in business rules management, enabling flexible decision automation for applications and processes that are subject to complex, variable and evolving business rules. Interested in learning more?

Featured Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Products

The most comprehensive set of business rules capabilities on the market, and the ability to run on J2EE, mainframe and SOA environments

A full-featured business rules solution designed specifically for Microsoft technologies and the .NET platform.

Improve maintainability and visibility of decision logic in mainframe applications with two business rules capabilities in a single offering

A combined business events and business rules management platform for responsive, intelligent decision automation solutions.

Featured Business Rules Management Solutions

Featured Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Customers

Improves Service to Teachers by Responding 90x Faster to Regulatory Changes

Prescription for Smarter, Faster Member Enrollment

Makes Over Its Loyalty Program for a 20% Lift in Sales

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Featured business rules (BRMS) Whitepaper

Agile Decision Services: How IBM ILOG’s Business Rule Management System Helps Organizations Deliver Fast Time to Value for Business and IT

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