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Bharat is a WebSphere solution architect at IBM. He gets his buzz from engaging with his global customers to understand complex, first-of-a-kind challenges and the process of solving them. He is a deep technical specialist and is developing business acumen through an MBA at Warwick. He is regularly invited to speak at major IBM customer facing events and global conferences such as IMPACT, WebSphere User Group and other summits organised at IBM locations.

Bharat is the IBM Ambassador at Warwick University and Aston University where he engages on various fronts including R&D, recruitment, collaborative learning and guest lecturing to postgraduate students.

News from London Mobile Summit, Gartner and IMPACT 2013  

London Mobile Summit

SOA and Governance Update

What's new in DataPower firmware v6

Introduction to IBM API Management


Brand New! MessageSight Appliance

What's new in IBM BPM 8.5

DataPower Summit 2013  

WebSphere DataPower Appliances Introduction, Update and Directions

Adolfo Rodriguez, PhD

Building B2B, B2C, B2E Mobile Capabilities

Bharat Bhushan

Pattern Based DataPower Integration

Dr Mark Cornforth

Identity Management, A medium sized bank

Mark McAndrew


Optimising DataPower Configuration for Performance and Capacity

Bharat Bhushan

Managing WebSphere Appliances with WAMC - Demo

David Currie

Governance, Policy Management and Enforcement with WSRR and DataPower

DataPower and WSRR Development

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